DnD part 50

They pause for a breather, and apologise to Bella. She waves them off, and she and Egrim cast a bunch of buffing spells. They go to the end of the aviary to find a closed gate that is shaped like interlocking fangs. Alexis hears a wailing like desperate souls from behind it, so finds a […]

DnD Parts 48 and 49

Group leave Fangthane and go back to Darkwood Forest with the Rock Druid. There, they collect the other druids and awaken the final druid, the one of Light. The druids of each element: Earth, Night, Forest, Animals and Light come together and cast a mighty awakening on the planet it’s self. Sadly their entire being […]

DnD 46 and 47

The group land at the silver dragon aerie and are lead through to a great chamber with a great shimmering diamond in the middle. The older wyrm announces them to Aegis and retreats. The walls shake slightly as the ancient great wyrm extracts himself from the rock that has been growing around him. Egrim greats […]

DnD Parts 44 and 45

The group first find a jeweller’s and Egrim purchases 5 diamonds for resurrection spells (since they are using so many), then they head to the temple of Moradin where the clergy give them 32 healing potions. Out in the square, the ‘temple’ to the white lady is being pulled down, and the papers burned. They […]

DnD parts 41-43

With this, the group leave Edwin, the Ents and druid to take care of granny’s seed apple. As they descend into Fangthane, Egrim tells the others about his conversation with the Coincide of Galana, who confirmed that the Cult of the White Lady has already taken hold at Coven, and say also that animals are […]

DnD Part 40

The group come through and see granny apple is indeed sick. Silver ick drips from her branches and as she tries to great them, she spis out a glob of the stuff. Lex rushes over and tries to comfort her, but the ent tells her to back away. Just then a shimmering creature, dark cloak […]

DnD Parts 38 and 39

The next day ashwood takes the group to the tree of silver and gold. The group walk through a much older section of the forest and through a large brier patch where they come accross a copse of the metalic trees. The outer trees move to protect the tree in the center when the group […]

DnD Parts 35-37

-party spends night partying- Ivan: “who do I wake up next to?” GM: “you wake up on furs” Grizwald: “get off!” The next morning lex asks elmwood what the plan is and he says he doesn’t have one and feels like a total fraud in his position. He agrees with grizwald that going to castle […]

DnD Parts 31-34

‘we live in toreguard, it might as well be called target’ Sel takes a look at her freinds and sees them all stuck. She casts dispell and frees them all, and they come out of their groggyness, to see an empty, plain room with runed tiles accross the floor. Sel tells them the floor is […]

DnD Parts 29 & 30

The next morning they start up the path and eventually come to a way point with dwarven structures, and a dwarven guard. He welcomes them and since it’s getting to evening they spend the night there. They tell him about their quest, and While the others rest, egrim is taken to meet some elder dwarves. […]