Destiny’s New Servants, Part 57 ?>

Destiny’s New Servants, Part 57

The group do not get to pause for a breath at all, as the oozes slither out of the cauldron and surround them. Merri tries to resuscitate Elo, fails, so turns her attention to the slime. Darius and Felix take turns zapping the two slimes, while Aurianna concentrates her flame on the right hand one. Together they manage to bring down the left ooze, but the right one, though badly hurt, remains. It decided it wants to cuddle-eat Darius and…

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Destiny’s New Servants, Part 56 ?>

Destiny’s New Servants, Part 56

Continuing with the meanwhiles, Edle finally meets up with Felix and they go around to talk to some craftsmen. It turns out that it’s a good job he’s there, as it turns out Lord Edle has a reputation as a debt-making fop, and while he has plenty of connections, a lot of those connections don’t actually trust he’ll be able to pay. They make their way around to Rufus and Henry the Saw, who are carpenters, and arrange for doors,…

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Destiny’s New Servants, Part 55 ?>

Destiny’s New Servants, Part 55

First off, Zege heads to the Plot Hook to fill Orock in on his adventures in the Even plane and to show him the new healing wine he’s been gifted. He arrives at the pub to find it more crowded than usual, and there are two new fighters, exotics ones, that he has never seen before. One is a tiger-man, and the other a well-dressed ogre. Zege makes his way up to Orock’s booth in traditional monk style – by…

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Destiny’s New Servants, Part 54 ?>

Destiny’s New Servants, Part 54

The mound deflates, the top becoming a crater of sorts, and the group collect themselves from their tumble to the base. They look around to see a mob of farmers stood near-by staring at them pale and wide-eyed, torches and pitchforks at the ready. While Felix calms them and says everything’s okay now, Elo has a word with Merri about the necessities of sacrifice where demons are concerned. While Felix is going on, one of the villagers, points behind him,…

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Destiny’s New Servants, Part 53 ?>

Destiny’s New Servants, Part 53

A few days later, and Merri is at least awake – if not fully recovered – and they are interrupted by a priest knocking on their door, and saying their presence is requested by the angel. They go, and the angel receives them, and says that for their efforts they will all be classed as Saints in Elven eyes. Merri and Elo are super embarrassed. They will be honoured with statues and festivities, they are told, but first they are…

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Destiny’s New Servants, Part 52 ?>

Destiny’s New Servants, Part 52

While they wait for the others to sort themselves out, the sorcerers play with the tablet device from the inquisitor. They discover it can show them many maps and plans and are generally fascinated. Once all are ready, and have breakfasted, they go back to Drakemar’s throne room where he dials into the perfect looking Elven home-plane and they cross over. However, it looks nothing like the brochure when they arrive on the other side. The countryside has been churned…

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Mini Adventure ?>

Mini Adventure

John Wick, the creator behind the 7th Seas RPG, is currently running a Kickstarter to create a second edition of the game, and did a call out for writers. Just my luck, I heard about it with a week to go, and half of that week I was on holiday with patchy WiFi. I’d already written for the prompts they provided, but was unable to submit on time. Much sad faces when I realized. But hey, shit happens. I didn’t want that…

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Destiny’s New Servants, Part 51 ?>

Destiny’s New Servants, Part 51

They are halfway down the stairs when Darius decides to act, and starts preparing to jostle his guard. Elo looks towards the portal and sees a giant demonic spider – red eyes glowing malevolently and mouthparts dripping. Her scream of panic causes the others to glance over also, and though none of them can quite make out the full horror, it is enough to make them all fight back themselves. Darius strikes at his guard with his quarterstaff, and sends…

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Destiny’s New Servants, Part 50 ?>

Destiny’s New Servants, Part 50

The group get passage on the ship, and go looking for the trio of unusual suspects. They find them quickly; they are in a corridor leading to the depths of the ship, interrogating an engineer as to the ship’s heading. On getting their information, Dapper shoots the poor man in the head. He then looks up suddenly, his eyes narrowed, and says he has detected the presence of the group poised on the other side of the door watching through…

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Destiny’s New Servants, Part 49 ?>

Destiny’s New Servants, Part 49

While Merri continues trying to connect to her god, Darius and Felix decide to take a wander around the town and soon lose track of the others. They arrive outside a pub called the Brawling Bear. Darius is all for heading inside and having a quick one, but Felix is the voice of reason for once and cautions that maybe they should find a more reputable looking establishment. As they stand there, they heard some people talking in the pub….

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