1000 Stars

1000 Stars

Date: 1999 +
Genre: Personal

This site has a very simple splash page, with a few awards, and a very simple layout featuring images of the creator’s ‘dogz’ [from the PC game of the same name]. There is quite a lengthy, but sweet, welcome message, however the navigation, which does show up in the code, cannot be seen in the browser.
There is a large amount of fairly interesting content in the ‘about me’ section, but slightly less in the ‘for you’ section, though the content in this latter area is not really generic. In the ‘site’ section there is a rather lengthy, and possibly unnecessary disclaimer and one broken link and in the links section there is a large number of resource links, and a surprising number of ‘affiliate’ links, though the creator hasn’t seemed to grasp the concept of a button wall, and nor is her own link banner very exciting, as it doesn’t even have the name of her site on it.
The code is very messy, poorly written and hard to follow. The misuse of CSS and tables is horrendous, with many of the table tags carrying style attributes which should be included within the CSS style tags, and it seems nowhere on the site has the creator used CSS to their full potential, ie the cascading part of Style Sheets.
A few things which annoy me is how the ‘dogz’ image on every page goes across some of the text, and how a lot of the images have been shrunk using attributes in the ‘img’ tag so they look squished.

Personally I don’t really like this site. It’s very generic and very poorly implemented. I appreciate that everyone has to start somewhere, but I would hope that the creator will take a look at the W3C Schools website to help her develop her coding skills. I would also recommend she do away with her splash page; they really aren’t that necessary, especially considering the few things she has on it.

Overall I’d say this site deserves 2

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