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Date: 2003 +
Genre: Personal

This site has no splash page, which I like. It has a very interesting layout, however I don’t like how the content area is so small, the text of said content area is black on brown [this makes everything rather hard to read] and the way there is flashing text, as I find this distracting. The navigation is okay though, as the tool-tips make it easier to guess where each link goes.

There is a large amount of interesting stuff about you, and some good pictures [your dog is so cute :)], though I do wonder why your art isn’t on the main navigation, as it has some very good things. I particularly like your doodles. There is also some interesting stuff in your ‘content’ section, and your tutorials are very clear. There isn’t much to say about your domain and links section, which isn’t a bad thing.

Your code is kinda messy and difficult to read [a bit unfortunate for someone hoping to learn from your code as you suggest at the top], there are lots of things that could be in one CSS style tag, but aren’t making for fragmented code and many tags in caps, which isn’t great from a XHTML compliant standpoint. Also, I don’t understand the IP Tracker thing – how has my IP been e-mailed to you if there is no code visible to do such a thing? I suspect though, it is just a warning, but probably effective against those who would want to steal code as they can’t write there own.

Overall an enjoyable site, if slightly generic. I give you 3 1/2

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