du.org //patty

du.org //patty

Date: 2005 +
Genre: Personal

This site has no splash page, a nice simple layout [though not very unique] and some nice colours. The only problem I have with the colours, though, is that the links are very pale and hard to see against the white background.

I like the about me section, it’s interesting and different. The for you section is good with some interesting if slightly generic interactions and graphics. I don’t, however, see the point of putting text for something that has no link, and therefore must not exist yet. Maybe you could change this, so you have them listed under a ‘coming soon’ banner?

You have a strange annoying issue with your forms; every time one clicks submit, the ‘content’ frame is filled with the main page. Having looked at your code, this could well be because you are using a form provider. I suggest using PHP Form Generator, as then you can create a ‘thank you’ page.

Your Code is a little fragmented, but overall readable and used well. It also seems to be XHTML compliant. CSS is well used, but a little jumpy [most people keep ids and classes together, not mixing them up].

This is quite a nifty little site, obviously fairly young, which explains why there isn’t much there, but I think it has potential 🙂 So overall I give you 4.

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