The Newbie Song

The Newbie Song

Some newbies can be annoying,
some newbies are plain damn rude,
but after reading the FAQ
a newbie can go two ways:

The first: a martyr they’ll become,
slinging insults left and right,
and generally pissing off,
everyone in sight.
And then a warning they’ll receive,
or if so bad,
an out right ban:
Their trolling days will cease.

The second: a much pleasanter route
for all of those involved,
and a fine upstanding member
we hope they shall achieve.

So little newbie, please don’t stray,
to the path of trolling lore.
We’d much prefer you to become
a fine upstanding member.

So come join our little flock,
that with more newbies like you,
will grow from strength to strength.
And just don’t forget what you were like
and to other newbies be kind!

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