The Fountain

The Fountain

Year: 2006
Genre: Sci-Fi/ Romance/ Other

The Fountain is three stories wound together all focusing, somehow, on the existence of a tree that can cure all ills and grant immortality.

The main story follows Tomas Creo, a cancer research scientist who, on a whim, injects a cancerous monkey with a sample from some tree in South America, and his wife Izzy who has cancer and is writing a book as her last act.
That’s where the second story comes in. It’s the time of the Spanish inquisition, and Spain has heard from the Mayan people it’s busy subjugating about a tree that grants eternal life, so the Queen sends her most trusted conquistador to retrieve the sap of the tree for that he and she can live forever.
Interspersed between these two stories is a man [possibly Tom] and the tree floating through space, headed towards a dying star.

I found this film to be very sad, but I still enjoyed it somewhat. It was a little more ‘artsy’ and philosophical than I go for usually, and I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who likes their plots spelled out for them, since you never really get why the man is taking the tree to the dying star, although throughout the film there is the sense of death being an act of creation. However the score, acting and special effects are beautiful.

Overall this was a little too obscure for me, but it wasn’t too bad.

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