Type: CD
Artist: Jamie Cullum
Date: 2003
Track list:
* What a difference a day makes
* These are the days
* Singin’ in the rain
* Twentysomething
* But for now
* Old devil moon
* I could have danced all night
* Blame it on my youth
* I get a kick out of you
* All at sea
* Wind cries Mary
* Lover, you should have come over
* It’s about time
* Next year, baby

I’ve waited to get my hands on this CD for ages, after falling in love with Cullum’s voice when I heard him in the BBC’s 2003 Jazz Festival.

The genre for this CD I would say is funky blues. Though there are a few tracks he hasn’t written himself [Singin’ in the rain for example] his distinctive and unique voice makes the disappointment much less. All his songs seems to perfectly fit any mood you might have, from the reflective and introspective All at sea and the deeply in love I get a kick out of you, to the ‘what’s my place in life’ Twentysomething and the expectant Next year, baby.

I don’t really have a favourite, I like them all. I would give this 4 horseshoes 1/5 as its a wonderful CD, Cullum has a fantastic voice, but I’m still a little disappointed because of the ones he didn’t write himself.

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