Prompt: Cheese

Prompt: Cheese

[NB: In honour of my lover, who suggested the prompt]

Andy stood in the kitchen, pondering. The sun shone down through the small window creating a super heated square of light on the work top in front of him. To anyone observing, the scene would look quite odd. For there, in the centre of the light, Andy had placed a block of cheese. Fortunately for Andy, there was no one to observe, for he was alone in the house and his mother and brother weren’t expected for a while.

Andy, not yet quite 7, stood on a kitchen stool as he pondered his block of cheese. While the reasons of his observation might not be apparent to any said watcher they were crystal clear to the boy. That morning, at 6am before their mother had been awake to tell them off, Andy and his brother, Ian, had watched a cartoon in which a genetically altered block of cheese had, after being heated to super high temperatures, begun to mutate into an evil cheese monster to be controlled by the super villain. Before being taken out by the boys’ mother, Ian had dared Andy to experiment with a block of their own cheese, to see if it would do the same as in the cartoon.

So now Andy was continuing his observation of the cheese, but as yet, it didn’t seem to be doing anything. Well, except maybe melting slightly. He shook his brown curls. It seemed obvious now – the cheese had to be from genetically modified cows for this to work properly. As he picked up the soggy cheese, slipping it back into it’s wrapper and putting it back in the fridge, Andy wondered where he’d be able to get some of that from.

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