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I think winters just hit. Its SOOO cold! I’ve been sat all day with 2 jumpers and a pashmina on, drinking scrumpy [cider]. So I guess I’m a wee bit tipsy. lol. Whatever.

I found the best artist to day, check her out here! I know she mostly does sketches but they’re so good. I loved ‘It’s hard’ so much, I decided to write a bit about it.

Kathy crouched in the shadows, awaiting her second victim. Well, technically it wouldn’t be her second, as the 1st had gone rather badly. She shook her head at the thought. The others just had no idea what it was like for her. And it was silly to have to be doing it at this age. Not for the first time she wished someone could hunt for her.

She started out of her thoughts. Had that been a shadow? Finally some food! She slipped out of the shadows. Good. It was some old biddy. This would be easy, didn’t matter to her if the blood was a little thin. She coughed, loudly and harsh, and fell, just as the old lady turned.

“Oh my goodness!” She cried, hurrying to Kathy’s side. As the shadow fell over her, Kathy felt her fangs lengthening, and her face shifting to accommodate the new growth.

As the woman reached down to help her, Kathy sprang up and sank her fangs into the jugular. And sucked. It was so quick, the woman didn’t even cry out.

Done with her meal Kathy dropped the woman, grabbed the decease’s bag and ran for it.

I love doing that… Finding a pic on elfwood, and writing about it. It gives me something to do when I’m stuck on ‘working title’. Like now. And they always say, one should try to write something every day, and keep it, even if one doesn’t think its very good.

Oooh, I’m so tired. I don’t know why… Andy ‘prescribed’ me to do exercises every day, when I wake up and go 2 bed. I really don’t think its working, I just ache more. Blah! Damn his sexxy ass.

Humm, think I may be needing my bed.

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