Story, ARGGGH!!!

Story, ARGGGH!!!

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Ok, so nobody actually visits this thing, so I’m gonna let off a little steam.

Stupid fuckin’ Asuka, why does she have to be so difficult, why can’t I draw full people, why can’t i decide what equipment she has, why is she so hard to design, why do I know no one who will draw them for me, why is my writing a peace of lame crap, why can’t i get it all SORTED OUT!!! YAHHHHHHH!!!!

Ahem. Feeling a little better now. What most of my rant is about is the lead female in my untitled novelet. I have two costumes for her, that I like equally, and I can’t decide what to do about her equipment. Asuka is supposed to be an assassin/ spy/ mercenary/ type person which means she should be carrying certain equipment at all times. But I’m having trouble deciding what she should carry, how she will carry it, and if it absolutely has to be concealed. I suspect that it should be concealed, and I did have the items in her boot, but I’m not sure that they would be too big for the heal. Bleh.

My other main rant with the story so far is that I’m having difficulty visualising what my chars look like. Andy was supposed to draw them for me, but he says all his artistic talent has gone out the window, and he can’t do it. some other mates said they would do it, but none of them have gotten round to it, and I’ve thought about asking people on elfwood, but they’re so good, they want paying and I have no money. It super sux 🙁

Heh. Other than all that, my day was fine. How was yours

2 thoughts on “Story, ARGGGH!!!

  1. My day was fine thanks.
    You don’t need to visualise your characters that’s really up to your audiencereaders, just describe them as best you can, make them real in your head then they’ll be real for other people er…. maybe…. possibly what do I know?
    Anyway, keep writing.

  2. Not good at all, but thanks for asking. 😉
    Thanks also for the comments in my blog. And glad to see there are other Cowboy Bebop fans around. Let me leave a sweety for you here. Use it wisely 😉

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