1. How long ago did you join LJ?
My first post was made on: 25 April 2004, so I guess that’s when I joined.

2. How did you find out about LJ?
Nearly everyone on spacefem uses LJ, so I joined so I could post on their blogs.

3. If someone introduced you to LJ, is s/he still on your friends list?
Spacefem herself still is, and so are a lot of others that I’ve met through the froums, so yeah I guess you could say that.

4. Have you introduced anyone to LJ?
I think I said to a couple of people to get a blog of some kind, and most of them picked LJ

5. Is your LJ public or friends only, and why?
Public, because I don’t see the point of having private when all I post there are the occasional rants and test/ quiz answers.

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