Gov’t Stuff

Gov’t Stuff

1. Did you vote in your most recent applicable election? (If you’re not yet old enough, do you plan to vote in the future?)
I believe that was a Local election, and yes I did.

2. Have you ever protested or attended a march?
Yes, I attended the ‘break the chains of debt’ walk through London back around 1999. I had my photo taken 🙂

3. What political issue is the most important to you?
Not sure, there are quite a few which stir me up: Cost of housing/ living; The Environment; Crime; Education to a lesser extent because it doesn’t directly affect me any more.

4. Are you a member of a party in your country? If so, which?
No I’m not. I thought about becoming a member of the Liberal Democrats, but I wouldn’t want to get tied down.

5. Do you ever plan to run for office?

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