Ch- Ch- Changes

Ch- Ch- Changes

1. If you had the ability to legally change your name, would you? To what?
Probably Brinna or Drusilla. I’d keep my last name though because it’s so unusual.

2. What do you with with change that you receive from banks/purchases/find on the ground?
I put it in a container and when it gets really heavy I take it to be changed into whole money instead of dribs and drabs.

3. If you could travel back in time to change the course of one historical event, what event would it be?
Not sure, maybe stopped that Austrian duke from being killed, or even, killing someone like Saddam Hussein while in the womb.

4. Would you rather live a safe, stable, moderately interesting life or one where every day was dangerous, volatile, and different?
If I had to pick between these two, the safe one I think, but I’d ideally like a mix of both: generally safe, but with lots of different interesting things happening.

5. What do you think you’ll be remembered for when you die and, if you could, would you change it to something else?
I think I’d be remembered for being a generally nice person, but that sucks. I’d like to be remembered as a great author.

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