Treble time

Treble time

1. What’s one of the nicest things a friend has ever done for you?
Saved my life. Ages ago, a group of us where walking home and we were all stood on the island in a very busy road. As a joke someone behind me pushed me. I lost my balance and stepped forward into the road, just as a car was coming. Ryan grabbed my shirt and pulled me back in time.

2. What’s one of the nicest things a stranger has ever done for you?
When I was leaving school once I wasn’t paying attention I slipped and hurt my ankle, and this guy came and helped me up and kept asking if I was okay.

3. What is a trait in another person that you instantly admire, and that draws you to them?
Having an easy laugh I think.

4. What is a trait in another person that instantly repels you, and prevents you from forming a close relationship with them?
I’m not sure. My friendships seem to be formed randomly…

5. Time to vent: tell us about something rotten someone has done to you.
Heh, the list is too long…

1. Whats harder to live without, chocolate or alchohol?
2. Does the colour yellow remind you of anything?
Sunflowers and buttercups, madness, van gough

3. Who most annoyed you last week?
The guy who hung around 15 minuets after closing, chatting about shit.

4. Do you have a cutesy romantic nickname for your partner (or previous partners)?
Yep, he is my Squishy, I also call him Green- or Dragon-eyes

5. What is your favourite Stephen King movie?
Not seen any of them.

1. Love at First Sight: Fact or Fiction?
Fiction. I’ve never ever seen it happen [except in the movies]

2. Fortune Telling: Fact or Fiction?
I’d like to think some of it is fact, but I’m co=ynical enough the think it’s all fiction.

3. Other Life: Fact or Fiction?
Fact. How could there not be? Just because it hasn’t dropped by to say ‘howdy neighbor’ yet…

4. Afterlife: Fact or Fiction?
Fact, but it’s gonna be what you make it.

5. Bigfoot: Fact or Fiction?
Like with fortune telling, with it was fact, but more like to be fiction.

3 thoughts on “Treble time

  1. Oh. Heh. It’s so not gory or particularly violent I always forget it was based on one of his books 🙂

  2. Fortune telling… possibly fact if the person is strongly psychic… but unfortunately a lot of people who aren’t psychic enough dilute the mix.

    Five or six years ago, somebody contacted me out of the blue through my website and told me some things which look very likely to come true… at a time when the chances that they could looked pretty near zero.



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