The absolutely most useful thing I have bought this year

The absolutely most useful thing I have bought this year

As we approach Christmas and the new year, I’ve been reminiscing on the things I’ve been up to over the year, and naturally that includes some of the purchases I’ve made. Without a doubt the prize for the best purchase I’ve made this year goes to: Lifeventure Dry Wash Gel.

Basically it’s a coloured antibacterial hand wash – akin to the stuff you find in hospitals – that smells faintly of mint. It comes in a handy rigid tube of 50ml and the applicator/ lid while easy to open with one hand, never seems to come open in my bag.

This stuff is so useful! I bought it before I went to the Cropready musical festival this year, and it saw a lot of use by more than just Dark and I. I’ve taken it out on hikes, and when I’m out shopping. It’s been passed around and everyone I’ve spoken to has said it’s a good idea, and I would imagine it’d be indispensable with a small family.

The only downside is the slightly sticky feeling you get after an application, but that soon goes off

I gave it :*****: for value, usefulness and conversation starter!

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