Sammy goes to the Zoo

Sammy goes to the Zoo

This is a short short story, inspired by the keyword ‘camel’.

Sammy stopped and gripped the bars of the animal enclosure.

“Wow Dad! What’s that?”

Sam’s dad sighed and looked at the sign on the pen.

“A camel. Oh Gloria!” he said tiredly, attention switching back to Sammy’s little sister. “No, don’t take of your shoes, I said… Look come here…” But Sammy had stopped listening to his dad and was staring intently at the strange creature in front of him. It sorta looked like a funny horse, but was massive, taller than even his dad, and had pale yellow hair all over. Strangest of all where the two lumps on it’s back. Just then it opened it’s thick lipped mouth at him and made a sound sort of like a honk, and sort of like a bark.

“Wow dad, did you-” Sammy aid turning, but his dad was occupied with his little sister still. They had moved over to a bench, and his dad was sat with the push chair in front of him. Sammy huffed to himself; Gloria was always distracting their dad.

“I really like camels,” came a voice to his side. Sammy looked up to see an man, older than his dad, but younger than his Grandpa stood next to him with an ice cream. “Fantastic creatures, aren’t they?” the man continued. “One saved my life once.” Sammy started at the man. His face was heavily tanned and lined, but his voice was that of an American.

“Wow, really?”

“Yup.” The man licked his ice cream.

“Uh, mister?” Sammy said after a moment.


“What’re the lumps on it’s back for? Is it sick?” The man laughed and smiled.

“It’s not sick,” he said with his husky voice. “They’re so it can travel for weeks across the desert without dying.

“Wow,” said Sammy, looking again at the camel. “That’s so cool!”


“Sammy!” his dad suddenly called. “Come on, we’re going now.” Sammy glanced up at the man.

“That your Dad?” the man asked. Sammy nodded. “Don’t keep him waiting then.”

“Thanks mister!” Sammy said, running over to his dad, hand waving.

“Sure thing kid,” said Indy, waving back.

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