I was just looking through my photos. As in actual physical, on card from film type photos and it struck me how much our tech has changed, even in the time I’ve been alive.

My first camera was an inherited thing I got when I was about eight, similar to the above, with a large plastic body that took film cartridges. The photos it produced were 10mm square. My compositions where pretty shit to be honest, but I took that camera everywhere and I took photos of everything.

After that died, I once again inherited my brother camera that took standard loading cartridge. I think I managed to kill that one by getting water in the view finder…

Then, when I was mid-teens, my parents bought me a proper camera that took fancy new APS cartridges. After the last accident, I made sure that it was a waterproof one. The one below, in fact.

This camera lasted me right up until I was in my early 20s, when the digital revolution was happening. I went out and bought myself my current digital camera:

I still have this one, and it served me well, if with interesting images sometimes, until I got my HTC Dream last year. FYI, that isn’t a camera. It’s a smart phone with a camera attached, that happened to be better than my actual camera.

And so, in twenty years (maybe a little less) we’ve gone from simplistic cameras to having tiny ones embedded in our mobile phones. I wonder how we’ll be taking photos in the next twenty years?

3 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Yay, first… I love when you blog. Makes me happy.

    The whole tech-revolution has been really interesting. I look at the toys that minime gets to play with (including a 5MP digital camera) and I’m like… woah.

  2. Excuse me .
    I buy an old IT works 2040.
    I see a hole(video out) and a mini-usb on the camera.
    Have you the references of this 2 cables because I don’t found it on Google.
    Do you think than every cable mini-usb—usb is good or I must take the same mark(it works) ?

  3. CD, if I understand you correctly, you want to know if any old USB to mini-usb cable will do, or if it has to be a special IT works one?

    I think my camera came with one, but I’ve used the one from my PS3 and my phone and they worked, so it should be fine to use any old one.

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