Alexis Dalliance 2

Alexis Dalliance 2

System: d&d 4th ed/ forgotten realms
Race: Halfling
Class: Rouge
Level attained: 5

Appearance/ Personality/ Background:
Alexis was brought up in Esmeltaran, Amn, the middle child of a reasonably wealthy merchant family. While her family is now on the right side of the Law, it wasn’t always so, and Alexis grew up listening to the adventures of her grandparents, as well as the exploits of the blazing swords. Inspired by these tales, Alexis was forever getting herself into trouble with the law and her parents. it wasn’t until she over heard her parents talking, that she realized the damage her scandalous ways were doing to their reputation and business. it was then she decided to leave home and not return until she had enough gold and/or reputation to undo the damage she had done. Occasionally she will write home, to reassure her parents she still lives, and even more rare, she gets letters back.

She also has a pet rat called Garnish.

Memorable moment from the game: Drank a gallon of dwarven ale, out-drinking 5 elder dwarves and coming 2nd in a drinking contest.

How they ended up: Resting in the city of Evalind
Date Played: march-aug 2010

from what I recall, and what the notes say, we started off with the rumour of some old elven treasure, but to get a map to it we had to talk to some guy called vendervas who wanted us to bring something back for him. so we went and did that, Greg may have died? then there was somthing about andy’s char getting arested for unlicensed alchemy, which made us uncover some plot about the mayor being a shapeshifter not the real mayor. I don’t remember how we got to the real mayor but we had to get him into the city via sewers, which we did and he gave us some nifty treasure and a parade, then he sent us off to talk to some orcish splinter group into not attacking the city, (or dawrves?) but we had to go via deep roads and we found a special hammer, then brokered peace with the orcs and the dwarves and humans. Then there was something about going into the mountains and to the mining village, where a guy called Wilberton-Smythe asked us to investigate his tunnels which we did and found there was some deep dark evil down there, which we didn’t defeat (that was where your char died I think?) after we ran away back to evalind with the news of the Big Bad my memory fuzzes out.

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