Alexis Dalliance

Alexis Dalliance

System: Titan [D&D 3rd ed.]
Race: Woodling [Halfling]
Class: Rouge
Level attained: 18
Appearance/ Personality/ Background:

Alexis is 3 foot, 4 inches, with dark hair and tanned skin, owing to her long days traveling. Before her resurection, she was usually dressed in brown studded leather amour, regardless of climate or occasion, with a shimmering, if stained, black cloak. At any given time, she could be found to have at least 10 daggers on her person, as well as her short sword and cross bow.

However since being resurected as an owl and going on to defeat her life-time enemy Zagor, the god Greg has degined that she shall resume her true form. Due to an extended shopping trip, she now has much the same equiptment as before, minus the cloak.

Alexis is usually very sweet tempered and gregarious, especially when she’s about to get her hands on loot or food, and will often attempt to ‘butter up’ those around her to achive these ends. Likewise she also enjoys the attention that she recives whether owing to her small stature or re-telling of her famous exploits, espcially in her ‘home’ town of Toragard.

However, when it comes to the sometimes grim task of adventuring she has no problem putting aside her often ditsy attitude to life and becomes all business, whether it be finding a trap and disarming it, to stiring mayhem in a goblin army or even killing Bad Guys. Though most of the time Alexis shows only courage no matter what the task, she does have one major fear – wargs. She has never spoken to any one about why this fear should be, and though some have looked at her in askence, she has yet managed to conceal the awful truth of her childhood that lead to this phobia.

After the major rending of a previous adventuring party, Alexis sometimes finds she has trouble fitting in and trusting others, but with the most recent group that issuse seems to be working itself out, even if Alexis occasionally talks about things no one but her really quite gets.

Unbeknownst to her, ‘Alexis’ means ‘defender of mankind’. She was named as such by her mother, also a former adventurer, who hoped one day Alexis would live up to this title. So far the little woodling has done a good job at this.

Alexis was rasied in a quiet woodland village among her own people untill the age of 15, when a band of dark elves mounted on wargs shattered their peace, killing Alexis’ whole family and freinds in the process, and almost killing her too. For the next 5 years she wandered the woodlands, staying at other woodling villages, sometimes sleeping in trees, growin and learning all the combat techniques she could from the simple folk. Eventually she left the trees and wandered the world, coming to Toragard through an army recruitment poster.

It was there she met Richard Tetherson [farmer-boy elf, turned paladin], Nathardrin [Pansy half-elfarcher], Ithanor Togeral [Human Barbarian], Bastet [Non-evil Dark elf] and Victor With A Monacle [Drunkard Wizard]. From those lowly beginings the group went on to do many great and wonderous acts:

See the extended Adventure log.

It was here that the party finally split. After two years of fighting the forces of evil together, the party disbanded, Richard intent on his crusade against all lizzard folk, Bast and Victor intent on vanishing into the seedyness that is Port Blacksands and Alexis, at a loss, ran from the whole mess.

Skipping forward some 3 months and Alexis has found herself summoned to castle dire by the wizards who have now taken it as their home and place of governance. She is introduced to Hextor Francis who becomes her new ‘party’ and they are shown the results of Richard’s crusade: he is dead as are most of his men, and the evil spawn of the south are rising again. The pair are told of an army encroching to the south, their intent to take over castle dire. And so again, Alexis is cast into the fray, with a new party, to halt the oncoming rush of evil. Along the way the new team:

* Kill an entire army, using a demonic poison slug thing
* Return to liberate various places from Alexis’ past such as Firetop mountain and Troll Tooth Pass [and another flesh golem, Five point Six]
* Find themselves pitted against Alexis’ old and fallen comrades
* Discover that Xagor is still alive [sort of], in the demon planes, and is hell-bent on destroying Alexis – body and soul
* Find themselves back in Toragard, with the assistance and allegiance of one copper dragon named Kipris
* Watch Alexis manage to disintegrate herself and then be resurected as an Owl
* Discover people don’t much like Flesh Golems or talking owls…
* Find the entrance to a portal into a demon dimension and go and kick Xagor’s ass for the last and final time
* Return triumpant to Toragard, get wasted, and find a wizard [by the grace of greg] to change Alexis back into a woodling again.

Her future might be uncertain, but no doubt she’ll be up to her old tricks in no time!

For further adventure logs for Alexis see A Fragment of Time post.

Dates Played March – Sept 2006, Aug-Oct 2007, June 2008-April 2009, Oct 2011 – 2012.
Alexis was finally, formally, retired in August 2015, at level 18.

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