Ning Shi

Ning Shi

System: Wushu
Race: Human
Class: Martial Artist [solder style]
Level attained: N/A
Appearance/ Personality/ Background:
Ning, the youngest of 7, was taken from her parents at a very young age and given to a local temple to be trained in the Way of the Flaming Fist. One day some solders of the empire came to pay their respects at the temple. They were so courteous, well trained and refined, that on reaching her majority at 14 Ning decided to travel to the Capital and become a solder herself.
The officers where impressed by her skills and Fu powers. She was swiftly inducted and has risen fast through the ranks. When she reached 20, Ning was taken out of traditional service and introduced to Yi Lian Bang and Shen Fung. They were, she was told, to form a special task force reporting directly to the Emperor himself. Their job was to track down rouge sorcerers and either force them to join the Empire’s rule or kill them.

Due to her swift rise through the army ranks, and her subsequent transfer to the task force, Ning has developed a superiority complex. This complex is not helped either by the knowledge she is one of the few left who know the secrets of the Way of the Flaming Fist. She has a tendency to be rather imperious herself, believing that she is the Emperor’s representative on the road. That is not to say she is not completely loyal to the Emperor, and the army’s hierarchy. She is very loyal and will always help out a brother-in-arms.

Quote: Are you sure you wish to disobey me?

Memorable moment from the game: [Excerpt from Ning’s Diary]
Gah! No one listens to me! No one! Even though I am always right, and always advise the best course of action, no one listens!

I mentioned in my last entry that the waters where getting choppiness. Well, after I put the journal away I mentioned it to Shen. He agreed and the water became ever swifter. I mentioned it looked like we may be be about to head over a waterfall, and the best place to be was in the boat. Of course the silly fool ignored my instruction and leapt over board with the punting stick. As if that could save him! Exasperated, I woke Yi Lian to make him aware of the situation. Again the mighty fool panicked and instead of simply holding onto the boat he slung me over his shoulder [the indignity!] and attempted to flee the boat, jumping from rock to rock to reach the shore. By a strange quirk of fate, as Shen was floundering in the water, the pole he was keeping hold of shot up through the water, smacked Yi Lian on the back of the head and sent he and I into the water, and the whole lot of us went over the falls…
How they ended up: Lost in time
Date Played June 2008

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