The Radio Thing

The Radio Thing

As some of you know, Total Gaming radio closed down a while back. For those who don’t, TGR was the internet radio station that homed a weekly geek/ gaming show that I hosted with Dark, Lorc, Crace and some others. We called it the G3 Show: The Gay, the Geek, and The girl. We were proud of it and we had so much fun entertaining our listeners, that when the news came through about TGR we were all really upset. But not for long.

You see we decided we would not go quietly into the aether, and hatched a cunning plan to start our own station!

And we have!

It’s called G3 Radio in honour of our old show and I’m mega excited about it. Scared too of course – the legislation we have to adhere to is frightening, as is the worry that it could all flop terribly and we’d have wasted our time and money. But you know what? Right now I don’t care so much about that. We’re gonna give it our best and if it fails then feh, so what, we will have had fun doing it 🙂

So why don’t you pop on over, take a look around the site, maybe listen in of an evening? We’re really quite friendly and you can chat to us in IRC or join us on our minecraft server. And if you really enjoy yourself, you can get involved too, be it as a presenter yourself or some of the background crew 🙂

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