Tweet clouds

Tweet clouds

I rediscovered this app for twitter a just now and I thought it would be interesting to show what my top 20 tweeted words between March 2009-2010, and March 2010-2011 were and then compare how my word usage had changed.

This is the 2009-2010 cloud:


And this is the 2010-2011 cloud:

First impressions are the writing has taken more of a back seat to things like sleeping, love, and posting epic thing, but time is still important to me, as is thanking people and doing things.

I’m kinda sad that writing doesn’t seem to be as important to me, so that might be something to rectify 🙂

If nothing else this provides an interesting snap-shot of my life in those two years 🙂

One thought on “Tweet clouds

  1. I feel ya with the writing taking a back seat, there just seems to be a lot of other stuff going on.

    Very neat snapshots 🙂

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