Making the Change

Making the Change

So you may have noticed things are looking a little different around here. For instance, five blogs have now become one. The theme has certainly changed; green to pale orange is pretty unmissable.

But most of the changes will not been seen by you, my dear readers. They are, as they say, under the bonnet.

The very observant among you might even have noticed the absence of the usual ‘b2Evolution’ logo, to be replaced by a ‘wordpress’ one. Yes, that’s right. I’ve finally changed my blogging software.

Don’t get me wrong, I really liked b2Evo, but WP is just so much better. It’s more intuitive, easier, slicker and, most important to me, has a working akismet plug-in. No more trailing through referral and comment pages, weeding out the spam by hand, it’s all automated 🙂

This probably doesn’t mean that much to you who read these posts, but it makes a hella lot of difference to me. And less time weeding out spam mean I have more time to actually devote to writing posts!

… I mean, don’t hold ya breath or anything, but there might be more regular updates in the cards 😉 So take a look around, rediscover content, update your rss feeds and stay tuned 🙂


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