New Titan Adventure

New Titan Adventure

After a couple of months teaching and training with the Tourigard garrison, and using up all their spoils to buy bigger and abtter toys, Alexis, Hextor and Fai are getting bored. So when a stanger shows up with a job, they once again jump at the chance. At the Plot Hook Public house alexis makes a new freind, Edwin Goodwin, a human cleric who sepecializes in healing and nature. When Hextor and 5.6 join them for lunch, they all go to a seperate room to talk to the myserious stranger.

He tells them he is Aurenkath from the Copper Dragonflight and he has been sent by his queen, who happens to be Kypris’s mate, to enlist their aid in destroying a Dracoliche named Karylax who has been ravaging the land, and who has also killed Kypris. The group are disturbed and angered by this revalation and agree to help out immediently. However, they must go and tell Fai.

So they all troop over to the library where Fai and Yastromo have been working. Introductions are made all round, with Yasty revealing her has a new student, Selena, who he thinks could use some practical experience. The tale is retold and more vengeance is desired. As the group is walking back to the pub to collect 5.6 there is a ruckus and they see a dwaft being dragged out by the guards for fighting. 5.6 comes out as well and intimidates him into being quiet. However Alexis like the cut of his jib and suggest the party take him as another sword. Hextor inists in giving him a test so they go on over to the training grounds and have a sparring match.

Hextor take some heavy damage at first because he is fighting without a weapon to make it fairer on the dwarf, Ivan Jagersson, who is using an axe. However When it becomes apparent the dwarf is good at fighting Hextor disarms the dwarf and throws his axe away. Unbeknown to the both of them Alexis sneaks onto the field and picks it up. They carry on fighting while the rest watch from the sidelines chatting among themselves. When it seems that the fighting is going nowhere, Alexis sneaks back and leaves the axe where the dwarf can get it. Hextor notices the axe (even if he doesn’t notice the woodling) and yells at Alexis, and gets a sucker-punch on Ivan as he bends down to get his axe. Whith that the fight is over and Hextor agrees he can come along.

The party round up their kit, tie up loose ends, and say fare well to Captain Hengar, then all troop out as Aurenkath turns back to his dragon form and they fly to the old world.

They land just outside of Garia and Aurenkath says he will go on to the dragonflight to announce their arrival, so they can get some food in the town. However The group are approached by some guardsmen who demand that they all be relived of their weapons and go along with them. Alexis doesn’t take too kindly to this (I have 13 weapons on me! It’s going to take me aaages to find them all!), and neither does Hextor, but with some swift talking from them, Edwin and Fai, the guards agree they can keep their weapons but ‘no funny business’. They are then taken to see the king, where they explain their mission, who then calls for a priest, since the Garians believe the copper dragons, specifically Aurenus, are gods, who says they are heretics and demands they go through some trails. The trials turn out to be going to the dragonflight and retrieving a copper dragon scale. The group shrug and agree, and the priest announces it to the town who cheer and then suddenly a farmer comes in bleeding saying ‘the jesters are here’. the towns folk panic and flee, but Alexis manages to get some information from someone who says the jesters are savages who kill for shits&giggles. ‘Yay’ says hextor, at the prospect of killing bad guys. Selena turns to Alexis and asks, ‘is this normal for you guys?’ Alexis nods, ‘yeah pretty much’.

The group follow the now-dead farmer’s blood trail to see a group of strange hunchbacks with grotesque faces rampaging, killing and generally being vile, all the while laughing horrifically. Their leader, shouting encouragement, wears a open fronted robe and has no eyelids. On his pointed teeth are strange runes and his great-sword is also carved with runes and has a strange red, malevolent, glow about it. The party get their game faces on, ready for their first big fight.

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