1000 posts

1000 posts

It has suddenly, and quite shockingly, come to my attention that this will be my one thousandth post.

I bought the doman druidx.co.uk in 2002, around 9 years ago. I don’t think I have any images of that first site, but I do recall it was as bear bones as possible, using tables to organize the page, and purple.



First iteration of the site. Img thanks to WayBackMachine.

I know I did a couple of redesigns, still working on the tables theory until a couple of years later when Dark knocked me up a simple php Content Management System and then introduced me to Cascading Style Sheets. I still have the (19!) designs for those lingering around my hard drives, in various states of functionality.

The site lapsed into disrepair for a few years after that, while I used 20six.co.uk as my blogging engine on a separate site. A year or so after that 20six was talking of closure and a load of my readers, and people I read, from there departed so I did too, finding b2 as a proper CMS. I still don’t think I’ve quite finished exporting all my posts from 20six to my own site…

Anyway I used b2 until they announced that they wouldn’t develop it any more so I swapped to b2evolution as suggested. And I used that until recently, when I just got fed up of the spam capture not working.

So now, as of 2011, I’m on worpress. Part of me wishes I’d used it from the beginning, as Dark suggested to me, but part of me is glad I had that experience of working from the ground up. It’s been interesting, recording everything I’ve been up to, with the interwebs watching me go from a child to a woman seeing how I’ve changed. I hope I’ll continue it for years to come, when my kids have kids, and maybe blogs of their own.

So here’s to the next 1000 posts. Live long and prosper ✌

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