New Titan Adventure Session 3

New Titan Adventure Session 3

The party converse with the barbarian scouts a little longer, and decide to return to the nomad’s camp with him to talk to their chief and advisor.

Once there they talk to the cheif and hear about how his son and some necromacer are trying to take over the tribe. The advisor, a druid, says the dragons are in the northern mountains.

The party go to eat and rest, but 5.6 is hungry and so he and Alexis go find some food. While out there they see the son and necromancer conspiring. They hurry back and tell people, Alexis is thanked for the info and goes to sleep with Hextor promising to wake them if anything happens. They go to sleep, and are then wakened sometime later by news that the son has attcked his father and advisor. The party rush to see if they can help the cheif and he tels them they are readed to the burial grouds to raise the dead.

The party rush over there and kill the undead that have been raised so far, along with the chief’s son. However the necromancer gets away.

The next morning they set out North to the eyrie, get lost a bit and it takes them a couple of days, but they get there and there is a set of massive stairs leading up. However before they were warned they would have to answer some riddles. Alexis looks at the ‘statues’ guarding the stairs and says, ‘alright, which one of you is real?’. A copper dragon pops  his head down and says, ‘Daragons you are here to see, but answer first these riddles three: one, what walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon and three come evening?’

Alexis says ‘that’s easy, a man.’

the dragon asks two more about prince myre that Alexis gets right and they walk up the stairs, which take a few days more. When they get to the top they are confronted with a blank stone wall. Fyi asks how they are meant to get in and a dragon turns up and says he knows the answer but wants something in return. Alexis plays the game and offers him shiny gold coins in return which he greedily accepts. he shows them the way in and they proceed inside to be met by hundreds of cute baby dragons which delight Alexis and Selena.

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