‘There aren’t any girls on the internet’

‘There aren’t any girls on the internet’

My gods, I am so sick of the above comment.

I know it’s usually meant in jest, but when it’s followed up with ‘tits of gtfo’ (verbatim quote) that just makes it worse. This is my community, the one I helped build. G3 Radio is supposed to be about equality and fairness, so how come the girls are still treated like they’re mystical fictional beings? No one is saying to the gay couple: ‘buttsex pics or gtfo’. That would be horribly rude and offensive, so what makes the above any more acceptable?

I shouldn’t have to prove I’m a girl and neither should anyone else, just because we happen to enjoy video games, or coding or fantasy fiction or pen&paper roleplay games. It should just be taken as a given that I am a person who enjoys these things, what’s between my legs has no bearing on my hobbies. We aren’t even that rare, so why even have the distinction? I am a DJ, not a ‘girl’ DJ. I am a gamer not a ‘girl’ gamer.

Sure. my brain works slightly differently to yours, but that just makes me better at certain things. I can hand you your ass over organization any day, even if you can hand me mine with lifting that bag of cables and mic stands. Those are the differences that make us a better team than if you have a penis and I do not.

So you know what? Manners or GTFO.

5 thoughts on “‘There aren’t any girls on the internet’

  1. Say it, sistah! Rudeness has no place anywhere, especially rudeness related to human subgroupings. Everybody’s in some kind of subgroup, regardless of who they are or what they do. The fact that some subgroupings are more obvious than others in no way excuses rudeness about them.

    Shit makes me mad.

    To coin a phrase… “Awesomesauce”. Keep ranting!

  2. You know what’s funny? I thought EXACTLY the same thing when I saw the G3 Radio post about having a new “girl” DJ. Was like why the hell does it even matter?

    As a pretty hard core online gamer (Halo, EVE, etc) I get it ALL the time. Actually if you check my corp (like a guild) history in EVE you’ll see I don’t last long. Mostly cuz of some idiot who thinks online sexual harassment is totally ok. Then he gets backed up by everyone else’s silence. Worse yet? Comments to “grow a thicker skin”.

    The internet is supposed to be the great equalizer, doesn’t matter what color your skin is, what race, what religion, what gender… you’re an online presence with only your words.

    Sorry done ranting now. Lol.

  3. When I mentioned “girl DJ”, it wasn’t meant as any sort of derogatory remark. I was just celebrating that we have more presenters from the opposite sex. It’s important that we keep a balance of male/female presenters to appeal to the largest possible demographic. It works the other way round as well, if 90% of our presenters where girls and we had a male DJ Join, I’d mention that as well. Strictly speaking you’re right when you say it doesn’t matter what sex a person is, more their ability to do a job is what’s important and I completely agree I personally couldn’t care less. The comment wasn’t meant as a “hey look!! a girl!!!” more of “we finally have more girl’s joining us!” I think I could of phrased it better – but it’s funny how people assume the worst.

    1. Lorc, I wasn’t so much angry at you, though yes it could have been phrased better, but it was the two comments on that post that pissed me off more. I also don’t appriciate being censored on my own station behind my back. I posted the rant there because I was genuinly interested in what people would say and the discusion it would garner.

      1. yeah, sorry about that, it was my call to remove it. I don’t make it a habit I promise.

        It was mentioned to me by three worried staff members. They didn’t think mentioning gay buttsecks on the main page was appropriate. It’s not the content we were worried about so much (It’s a free country after all) More just the way it was written – It’s not a personal blog after all.

        You might think I’m being overly sensitive and yes, you’re probably right. But, It was brought up as a concern, by no less than three separate people, so better to be safe I guess.

        If you could find the time to re-write it, we’ll make it a featured article for a week or something.

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