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Month: September 2011

All radio, all the time

All radio, all the time

Once again, another week has passed me by in a flurry of ‘I was meant to do what again? Oh too late >.<

If you couldn’t guess from the post title why this is so, I’ll give you a hint: it contains the letter G and the number 3.

Yes, campers, radio has taken hold of me and sucked all my time away. Transition is never an easy thing, but my taking over from Dan R seems to be harder on some staff than others, and consiquently all my time atm seems to be spent sorting out petty squables. There are a few legitimate concerns, and people wanting permision to do things but mostly it’s people just being baffling that is getting to me.

But I don’t like dwelling on those. I’m also looking towards the future of the station. A lot of the things I have in planning are designed to make life easier for the managers – restricting permisions, tracking and logging everything. So much of when we started out fell under the heading of ‘it’ll do for now’, because we weren’t even sure if we’d last a month let alone a year. Now we’re taking a fresh look at things, the way other services have been jerry-rigged and tacked on, just seems terrible. Even if it isn’t apprent to our users, it looks bad to us. I really want to look at making the station and all it’s disparate elements a single coheasive unit. But it’s going to take so much work, and time and talking I’m not gonna have any time for anything else.

But it’s exciting and the number of people who’ve asked to put me as a CV refference further convinces me that putting my time, money and soul into this thing is gonna be worth it. Who knows, maybe I’ll eventually make my money back?

The year rolls on

The year rolls on

I managed to miss my blog post for last week, sorry about that. But what I was going to write about last week is no less true this week.

There is a definite chill in the air and the trees are starting to turn. The kids are back at school and the dorchester show has been and gone. All this means one thing – the year is turning again. The sun is dying it’s slow death, winter is coming, and the time for autumn cleaning is upon me again.

It seems this year has gone a lot faster than I expected. So many important dates have run up and smacked me as they passed. My birthday for one came sooner than I expected, as did both insomnia events, and the dorchester show. Maybe it’s due to the erratic weather – summer happened in april for instance – or maybe it’s just a symptom of getting older. It makes me a little sad that it seems like only yesterday I was planning the year in january, and pretty soon it’s going to be over again.

But wintertime does have it’s advantages. With less light in the evenings, there’s less call for me to be out doing things. Simmilarly as the weather becomes more inclement there are less fun things to do on a weekend, both of which means I can get things done in the house.

I already have several craft projects lined up (painting tins, making jewlery and a flag, and weaving), as well as my bi-anual sort out, where I go through clothes and other possesions and get rid of anything not used in the past 6 months or so since my spring clean. Oh, and all those little tasks that have been stacking up or only need doing once in a while, like cleaning the windows and filing papers.

So sad though I might be to see summer on the wane, there is still going to be plenty to keep me occupied with the change of the seasons 🙂



So I’m back from insomnia43. In case you couldn’t tell from the thread title I’m still am little tired and spaced out. I had a good time. I think. TBH I don’t really remember all that much, and what I do recall is me being stressed and people shouting at me to de-stress 😀 There are a couple of videos of us doing various silly things that will be posted to the G3 Radio site at some point in the future. Though I do recall that this has to be the most incident packed insomnia event I’ve ever attended. So many things went wrong and all to one person 🙁 But that’s mostly fixed now.

In other news I’m finally now running wordpress 3.2.1, after Dark migrated all our sites at GeekCoalition over to a new server that textdrive gave us 3 years ago >.<

I think that’s all really from me atm. I’ma go back to bed now…