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So I’m back from insomnia43. In case you couldn’t tell from the thread title I’m still am little tired and spaced out. I had a good time. I think. TBH I don’t really remember all that much, and what I do recall is me being stressed and people shouting at me to de-stress 😀 There are a couple of videos of us doing various silly things that will be posted to the G3 Radio site at some point in the future. Though I do recall that this has to be the most incident packed insomnia event I’ve ever attended. So many things went wrong and all to one person 🙁 But that’s mostly fixed now.

In other news I’m finally now running wordpress 3.2.1, after Dark migrated all our sites at GeekCoalition over to a new server that textdrive gave us 3 years ago >.<

I think that’s all really from me atm. I’ma go back to bed now…

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