A little bit of explanation – I asked my listeners to come up with 5 words for me to write a short story about, so I could read it out on my Friday show. Osku provided wave, book and glass. Vexicus provided beautiful and wings. On a boaring day at work, this is what I came up with.

I sat on the hill, looking out over the sparkling estuary. The grass was warm under me and the sun blazed down, making me sleepy. Suddenly there was the whine of machinery from what at this distance seemed to be a simple bridge. But I knew differently – the tide was turning, powering the massive wave powered generator that stretched across the estuary’s mouth.

I looked down at my palm and the rune tattooed there. It seemed strange that in the future of magics and miracles we still relied so heavily on electricity. Of course, it had only been a few years since the oil ran out, and the new generation were born, like me, with these abilities. I pushed a little of my will into my palm and watched as the pastel motes of power sparked into being.


I closed my hand, cutting off my will and stood to greet the girl running at me, waving her arms. She was young, and dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, her brown hair bobbing as she ran, fast approaching me. She called my name again, stumbled, lost a sandal and hopped back to get it before sprinting the rest of the way and coming to a breathless halt in front of me. I crossed my arms and grinned at her.

“Yes Ameil?” I asked, even though I could guess her reason for being here. The tide had gone out.

“Mamma sent me. She says” Ameilia puffed up her chest and put on a voice, “tell that sister of yours to stop her dawdling and bring home those groceries, else supper’ll be late.” I giggled, and Ameilia grinned.

“Hai, meimei,” I said and picked up the basket next to me. I was quiet as we walked, but Ameil chatted enough for the both of us, as we walked back through the cobbled walkways of our neighbourhood.


“You’re late Mika,” our mother said as we walked into the kitchen.

“Yes Mama, I’m sorry,” I said and placed the basket on the table. Mother Gave me an apprising look.

“Honey,” she said after a moment, “I know you’re still getting use to your abilities, but mooning around about it won’t help.”

“Yes Mama,” I said dutifully.

“Now, come help me with dinner.” I nodded, and started forwards as a Low boom sounded and shook the house. I gripped the counter and watched as a salt cellar tilted and fell, spilling salt all over. The shaking subsided and we looked at each other. Drumming sounded on the stairs and Ameil popped her head over the banister. She saw us and ran over, clutching at Mother. Her eyes where wide with fright.

“What was that Mama?” I asked. Mother shook her head and hugged Ameil.

“I don’t know sweety,” she said looking at me. I saw the shock on her own face as another boom sounded, accompanied by another rumble. Ameil shivered and buried her face in Mother’s skirt, and I reached for her too. The three of us stood, clutching each other as the house shook and settled. We exchanged looks again, as Mother took our hands and lead us outside.

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