Clean house is clean

Clean house is clean

As I mentioned before I’ve had loads of free time so I’ve been spring cleaning!

I’ve gone through the bathroom, the kitchen, the hall and the lounge so far making sure I’ve cleaned under and inside things that don’t usually get done, like behind the bathroom sink, and inside the oven. I’ve also been finding homes for things that have gotten pushed to one side and forgotten about. I also managed to hoover under the bed, an effort that took me 2 hours of shoving, pulling and coercing the bed to shift enough that I could get the hoover down the side and around the back.

Over the last weekend I convinced Andy to take me and the car into town loaded up with stuff to go to charity. He said he didn’t seem much point in us trying to sell any of it. So we rocked up to the British Red Cross on Saturday with 5 big bags of donations. They seemed somewhat bemused by the amount, but nevertheless happy to take it off our hands.

There’s still plenty to do though. Namely the spare room >.< Even though we got rid of most of the charity stuff, there’s still a few bits that need to go to Dorset Reclaim, as well as the 2 boxes of electrical bits that need to go to the dump. Oh, and there’s the 3 boxes of things that still need homes…
I also want to go through our cupboards, wardrobes and storage to see if there is anything else we can get rid of, or at least re-organize things so that they’re more accessible/ obvious.

I’ve still got some fairly major cleaning/ fixing to finish as well, such as getting the boiler serviced, cleaning the windows, re-cleaning the bathroom tiles with mould killer, de-scaling the shower head and fixing the extractor fan.

If you add all the standard, daily, housework to this, you can see I’ve still got my work cut out for me! Weirdly I’m looking forward to it. I think it’s just being able to get it all done, without having to worry about leaving something unfinished because I don’t have time.

Then I have plans on doing loads of baking, and ready-meal-making, and station stuff…. 😀

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  1. Well, that’s sort of the point – all this has been done in the two weekks I’ve been jobless…

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