Not so much cleaning, More going out

Not so much cleaning, More going out

I only managed to get two of those things I mentioned in last week’s post done (that would be the mould death and working towards getting the extractor fan fixed). It’s been kinda grey so I’ve not really seen the point of washing the windows. I did however manage to de-scale the kettle, if not the shower head.

Most of my effort since last week’s post has been focused on going out and radio stuff. Last Saturday Andy and I had a lazy day and in the evening went to see the Sullivan’s and their latest edition, Elana. On the Sunday we went for a trip out to Swanage, via the chain ferry, to get some chocolate from Chcoco (amazing praline btw) and to show Andy ‘my’ grave – or rather the grave of Laura Turner Hurrell, who was born August 6th 1883, and died May 8th 1906. Sadly the area of the Methodist church it was in was closed, and we didn’t feel like gate-crashing a brownie party just to see it. After that we were hungry so got some chips and doughnuts for late lunch and headed back via the landward way.

Over the week I’ve been focusing on different marketing ploys to get more people to the radio, which I think has been working, and reading up on business stuff.

Then on Friday, Andy and I took Luke with us over to Kat’s place for her birthday BBQ, which was great. Lots of noms, and left over noms, lots of chatting and brilliant punch made by Kat and Vicks. I also got to meet Elizabeth, Charlie’s new daughter. She’s a big girl already, and so cute 🙂

So that’s my week. Hopefully the sun’ll come back out for me to clean the windows and I’ll finally get around to making myself some fresh bread 🙂

Till next post xx

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