I45 dream

I45 dream

You can tell it’s getting close to an iseries even because the stress dreams have alreadgy started.

This one, at first glance seems pretty straight forward, but probably reveals more than I would like about my psycoses.

It started off fairly normal, from a 1st POV. I was in the press box at telford, on my own, in the wee hours, waiting for some photos to upload and I drifted off to sleep. Next thing I see is myself from 3rd POV, sprawled on the table, fast asleep, with potz, ternix and fallen standing around looking worried. Potz gives me a prod and says, ‘dru, honey, you have to wake up now.’ I grunt and flop an arm over my head. He pokes me again, ‘dru, really. You have an interview in 15 mins’ I mumble somthing along the lines of ‘no I don’t go away.’ And turn my head away. Potz looks at Ternix besechingly, and Nix sighs.
‘Sorry Angel,’ He says ‘No one tell dark about this okay?’ He leans over and kisses me on the cheek.
‘dru,’ he says in a sing-song voice. ‘you have to wake up now love,’ he caries on kissing my cheek and jaw telling me I have to wake up and finally kisses me on the lips. Obviously still mostly asleep I respond and kiss him back then realise wtf is going on and wake up fully.
‘Ternix!’ I yell at him. ‘what the hell dude?’ He just give a little shrug while potz hands me a mug telling me to drink, and reminding me I’ve only got 10mins till this interview. The coffee tates like swill and I tell them so, and demand to know what interview they’re talking about, because I know I’m not interviewing anyone. They all look really worried now and ask what I remember about the previous night. I say, not much – some drinking, some bullshitting, some phototaking and then trying to upload them. Ternix hands me a bag and says it’s got my make up in it, to go get ready. Potz tells me I agreed to be interviewed by shed and narella for an iLive. I panic, run to the bathrooms with Fallen and smarten myself up. We get back and find shed, phat and whiteknight waiting. Phat leads us outside and shed asks if I’m ready. I tell him ‘fuck, no’ and that I’m still not sure what’s going on. He grins in his cheeky ‘we’ve got something planned’ way.

Once outside and set up shed tells the cameras to roll and he starts asking me about the station, my part in it, wether I’m the sole owner. I answer as honestly as I can, say it’s a community thing so I’m more like a partner. He askes how I’d feel if MPUK were to give me a large amount of money for the station. I can see wizzo out the corner of my eye and have a feeling they’re about to tape me to something. I ask what he means by that, and he says MPUK have decided they like the station and they want to give me a cheque for it. I think they want to buy it from me. I freeze up, panic then get angry. I tell them the stattion is not for sale. Shed says ‘you siad you were just a partner’ I get angryer and tell him I’m the majority share-holder, and the manager, the station is not for sale, it’s my baby and there’s not enough money in the world that could take it a way from me. Everyone looks really confused. This is clearly not how they were expecting this to go, which makes me even angryer. Shed tries to explain again, but I tell him much as I like MPUK and the ppl and how amazing they all are the, G3 is my station, my baby, and they can go fuck themselves if they think they can buy me out. I walk off in a huff, tears starting to well up when suddenly wizzo is in front of me. He says, ‘you really love G3 don’t you?” I say ‘what do you expect? I’m the only one of the original three, I stuck with it and din’t leave. How would you feel if someone tried to take MPUK away from you?’ He suddenly laughs and hugs me.
‘silly girl, I don’t want to take it away from you. I want to give you money; I want to invest in the station! But it’s good to know you care so much.’ I feel really stupid and then I wake up.

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