Home-Made, Recyled Dice Bag

Home-Made, Recyled Dice Bag

So I managed to miss one of my friend’s birthdays last week (this shouldn’t surprise any of you) but she’s been needing a dice bag for ages, and I had this thought last night – why not make one?

I went rummaging and found an elderly pair of boxers that I could ‘upcycle’ (don’t worry, they were clean), and got to work.

First I cut a rectangle out of the pants, then folded the top over the make the place where the drawstring would go. I started sewing right then, but found the material kept moving, so I tracked across and carried on sewing.

The only stich I know with any sureity is chain stich, so that’s what’s holding this puppy together. Next I folded it over and tracked around the edge again, then sewed the edges together, inside out of course, and making sure to miss the top of the bag.

Yay! It almost looks like a real bag now 🙂 Next was the drawstring. I platied together some hemp cord I had.

And inserted it into the top of the bag.

Yay! a simple dice bag. But wait! It seems lacking some how. So I rummaged some more and found some fabric paint. Since the player this is for is currently playing a wizard, I thought a simple star motif would work. I made the stencil out of some scrap card and painted a couple on.

Yay! Pretty(ish) dice bag that should last a fair while, but best of all cost me nothing to make 🙂

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