Death on the Rise – session 10-15ish

Death on the Rise – session 10-15ish

Next morning they are woken to summons to a council meeting. The group are told they have an hour before hand and ask after hex, as he hadn’t yet returned/ they are told about the temple and go to investigate. They open the portal and Alexis tells the others she can see Hextor’s dead body. Edwin sends in a conjured tiger to retrieve his body, and the group asks the dwarves to place it in cold storage while they attend the council meeting.

While they are at the meeting, wren sneaks in and nicks all of Hextor’s kit.

At the meeting, the council and the group are told there were a couple more escape craft released from the ship, and are heading south. However there are a group of iron golems stopping the scouts from getting past to see exactly where the orbs are going. They all then find out about the theft of Hextor’s kit, which makes the party upset and the dwarves angry. The group are confined to quarters, and return there while Edwin goes to minister to Hextor’s body.

Wren then tells the guards she ‘found’ Dobson stashing Hextor’s loot, but he vanished when confronted. The guards take her to the council, while the rest of the group are just sat in their quarters passing time. Alexis asks after pilgrim the gnome that brought them here, with the idea of going over the golems, but is told that his airship is still being repaired. Ivan suggests going under instead. Just then group are called to council again, where they are told about wren/ Claire finding ‘Dobson’. The party then discus mining under the iron golems, but are told it can’t happen because the dwarves need something from another area that has suffered a tunnel collapse. The group promise to go get it after dealing with Hextor’s things. ‘Claire’ takes them to Dobson’s room and the search it to find Hextor’s stuff. 5.6 shows up and (almost literally) blows a gasket after being told Hextor is dead. Alexis calms him down and he falls asleep. While they wait for him to wake, the group divvies up Hextor’s stuff and Claire joins the party. 5.6 wakes up and the group give him Hextor’s bastard sword. Ivan comes back from speaking with the miners and stone masons guilds with instructions on what they need to get and do, and the party go eat before setting off.


After feeding 5.6 an offal smoothie from the butcher’s district, the group head off into the tunnels, down a shaft and start walking.
They go through a series of large rooms until they come across a group of kobolds. Alexis shoots their boss in the leg almost killing him, but with the intention of stopping him running away whilst keeping him alive. However Fai casts fireball and kills them all, even the one Alexis wanted to keep alive. He apologises to her and 5.6 who is disappointed. They carry on and Alexis discovers a squish trap in the middle of the next room. They walk around the outside and on to the next room which is the same. Again they go around the outside and through to the next room which is, at the end, has the cave in where the door should be. However the kobolds have tunnelled their way through and Alexis sees two more traps. (ironically) for safety’s sake she decides to deactivate them, but sets one off in the process. Several tonnes of stone slide out of the wall and smash into her, and sends her sprawling across the room. The others rush over to her and ask if she’s okay. She manages to call for Edwin, through the broken ribs and splintered spine, who heals her. However the mental trauma leaves her feeling shell-shocked, so while the others investigate the cave in hole Alexis tells 5.6 to stop playing with the expended traps. He sits down in a grump and Alexis cuddles up to him. Eventually the others work out there is some kind of hole through the cave in, and they can hear kobolds through it as well so they pull Alexis up to her feet to check out the next trap. She discovers it is a pit trap and again tries to disarm it, but again fails and falls down into the pit. Fortunately she isn’t so badly hurt this time, but before they can rescue her the others see the kobolds. They warn Alexis who damps herself down as Fai casts another fireball, which kills the kobolds and burns the lid of the pit trap. Alexis gets into her bag of holding and Fai flies her back up. Back at the top, Claire suggests Alexis may want to find another profession, and Selene breaks them up before it can get out of hand. They carefully walk around the edge of the pit and through to find the room with the fuel they have been sent to collect is filled with more kobolds and a kobold cleric. Ivan remind them not to use anything that could set the oil in the silos off, as Edwin growls that the cleric is his and the group square off.


“Greg, lease stop gloating and kill us,” – Selene


The group starts to fight. Alexis looses several bolts into mook1, while Fai and Selene pelt all the kobolds with hail stones. Ivan and wren rush in and beat up mooks 2 and 3, while the cleric is left for Edwin to kill. Sadly he only does minor damage to it, and Alexis coup de grace’s him. Alexis and wren search the bodies while the others drain the silos of fuel and load it into the wagon. Wren finds a note on the cleric’s body that said to bring the fuel to the place where there was a golem and the cleric would be rewarded with career progression. Having finished loading the wagon, Fai notices a small tunnel. Alexis and wren check it out to see a hub of passages with kobolds coming and going. Alexis motions to head back, and they report, but Alexis says be better to get the fuel back, so they make their way back to the settlement where they are met by a platoon of dwarves and some from the miners guild. The fuel is taken away, and the group report their findings and tell them about the traps. The platoon head off to take care of the kobolds. The group wearily head to a bar and get merry.
Next morning they stumble back to their quarters and just have enough time to wash and make themselves presentable before being summoned to the council again. There they are thanked and presented with a chest of gold and breakfast. Then the group is told the miners have successfully dug under the enemy encampment and they have a bomb prepared but the dwarves don’t know where the bad guy is to place the bomb for maximum effect. They ask the party if they are able to infiltrate the camp, find out where the big bad is, and report back so the bomb can be set off. The group agrees, and makes preparations.

Alexis sells some accumulated junk she has been hoarding, donates the surgeons tools to the war effort and tells of their creators death. She is told the armour she’s looted is museum worthy and the holy symbol of grummish contains flecks of star metal.

After their preparations, the group travel down the new tunnel and pop out just inside the enemy’s barricade. Alexis and wren identify the Zanthril’s most likely hide out is in a hastily built bunker. They dunk back down and report, and Edwin uses scrying to confirm that the big bad is there. His scrying is sensed however, and Edwin cuts it off before anything can happen. Alexis wonders about going in regardless but that idea is waylaid when a brass hand reaches through the hole. They run away while 5.6 uses the sword to cut a support beam to ‘buy more time’. Everyone is impressed. They report back to the dwarves who send off the bomb on it’s way. With the pause Alexis’s paranoia kicks in and she thinks this has all been too easy. She prays for guidance, and a sign spins around and points her down a small path. The group follows it and find a run down chapel of Galana. The old priest says he has been expecting them, and tells them the big bad is in two places at once. The wizards work out he’s still in Mechanis but is projecting himself here using an anchor. Then the old priest coughs and dies. Edwin lays him to rest, and all of a sudden things start to bloom and grow and Edwin is touched by the very hand of Galana and bidden to take up his full priesthood in this chapel at Fangthane. The group hurry back to tell the dwarves not to set the bomb off. They are met with stares and confusion, but not for the reason they think. All the dwarves are looking at ed. They do as the group says and then ask what happened. The group explain about the chapel and the dwarves call up to the bosses. The group are led up to the kings chambers and a quick council is held. Edwin is welcome to the high priesthood in a ritual and all the other head priests look guilty and ashamed at having forsaken Galana. Then a procession is lead back to the chapel where Edwin administers last rites, buries the old priest and re-blesses the chapel. He notices a small area to the side that has a small spring welling up. He makes a portal appear and he goes through accompanied by the other priests. There they find a grove of beautiful elder trees. Alexis asks if she can climb on them and the trees say yes. Alexis is delighted they are Treents and begins to frolic while the others look on bemused, and Edwin is asked by the 12 high priests, and the 12 representative Ents if he accepts his new responsibilities and if he accepts to help and protect the Ents. When he agrees, the ents form a protective shield while younger ents rush off to assist in the war.

The group thank the ents and head back through the portal to the church. They discuss getting into the camp again to destroy the anchor and the miners guild say they have to clear the tunnel again. It’s getting late so the group leave Edwin in the church with his new beardling neophytes, take 5.6 to feed and get some food and ale themselves, and finally find their way back to their quarters. The next morning they collect Edwin and prepare to fight through the enemy camp.


‘So why did you decide to be a wizard? ‘Cuz magic smells like bacon.’


The group wake up and head to gather Edwin. His neophytes get a little miffed with the group and over protective, which pisses Alexis off. They Move off down the tunnel and pop back up through the hole. They see the ents providing a distraction, and they engage the Orcs. Alexis shoots one dead with extreme prejudice. Wren changes into a large gibbering mouther and taunts the guards with their own faces. Ivan uses his short bow to kill a couple, and Edwin tangles the orcs while Selene sets them on fire, but they shoot her back. The group dispatch the orcs with little more effort and wren, as a remorhaz, melt through the door and, accidentally, through the whole bunker, and destroys the anchor. The rest of the group are unimpressed and while she finishes off the flesh golems, the others look around trying to find a way in. They see a Warforged, with runes on it’s chest plate, that have the spells geas and magic mouth – to force it to find the group and to speak to them. It says, ‘Beyond the veil judgement waits, the vaaale.’ The group put the runes together to enable Edwin to scry on Mechanis and find the Zanthril.

Ed sees Mechanis, and an old man with metal bits graphed to his face, sending an army out in more ships and says: ‘Onwards my brethren. Mechanis will not take us, death to primus, onward to the capital.’

Alexis swears at this and explains how Mechanis works. She asks very specific questions about the guy, her paranoia kicking in. Wren comes back and they explain what’s going on and Selene and Alexis think they could go ask some one about making a bridge. Selene thinks of Nagrin but Alexis thinks of Yastromo, and as an excuse to take Hextor’s body back to Toregarde. Ivan pipes up and says he just recalled something about some high elves at mithril mountain and says they could help. Wren chimes in says she’s heard of this place too, and says she could change into a elf to get in. Alexis calls her on not telling them about her shape changing ability and asks if she’s got anything else she wants to share. Wren says no. The group are walking back down the tunnel at this point. Alexis still wants to deal with Hextor’s body, Ivan says to throw him in a ditch, Alexis curses at him. She then says that they should go back to Toregarde anyway to speak to Yastromo about these elves. Edwin frets about his new churchlings.

‘You’re only half elf – you’re only half stuck up your arse.’ Ivan to Fai

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