DnD Parts 31-34

DnD Parts 31-34

‘we live in toreguard, it might as well be called target’

Sel takes a look at her freinds and sees them all stuck. She casts dispell and frees them all, and they come out of their groggyness, to see an empty, plain room with runed tiles accross the floor. Sel tells them the floor is made of runes the same as before and so clair turns into a spider, making a silk rope bridge for them to climb over. The drop down on the other side and make their way up the next staircase. They are cofonted by a long glass case on a golden plinth, surmounted on a dias. Behind the dias, on the far side of the room, there stands two hooded figures next to a kneeling one. One look tells them the thing in the glass, now a tank of sorts, is otherworldy and seemingly asleep. The robed figures lift their heads andthe group see as much as guess, they are the pair of demons. At this point there is the sound of something resonating on claire and the thing in the box, which lex guesses is the plane seed, and that the group has walked right into the demons hands; that they want the plane seed and this creature to make an evil plane. Between them they have a corrulpted diva, who at their encouragment stands and approches the dias. The group start to bicker about how best to handle it, while it reaches the glass tank and starts to pry the lid off. At this point the group reaches a discision, their fear of what might be in the glass box over riding what they want to do about the demons and the croupted diva. Claire changes to a polar bear and glomps the diva, while lex tries to shoot it to distract it and ivan stuns it with his hammer. Sutably stunned, elgrim dispellsthe evil within it, and it collapses sobbing while the demons vanish. The group go to the glass box and try to decide what to do with the thing inside. Ivan asks the hammer and moradin apperars and tells them it is a god-child who was seperated from it’s seed when it hit titian. He says the choice to release it is up to the group. They hold a vote and all say release it and give it the seed. Moradin negates the runes holding it and they talk to it and it asks what they want, lex tells it why they came and it makes all demons go back to hell. It asks what else and fai says something about dragonsbut the others shush him, and then explain about how people grow though adversity and how you can’t have light without shadow. It nods and says it will meditate on this and vanishes. Then the guardian of the temple shows up and says since they have beaten all the tests and released the god-child so it renders the temple useless. Cracks start appering in the floor, as claire calls for the group to be sent home. The guardian rasies his staff and bangs it ont eh floor as ivan cries out: Wait, what about…

They land in toreguard square with ivan yelling ‘the diva’. They are helped out of their pile by supprised onlookers, and in the far distance they see a spear of light and a plume of dust as the temple collapses. The group all sigh and sag and look around at each other.

“I need a bath,” alexis says.

“I need a drink” ivan and egrim say

“I need to check on the library,” sel says and fi follows

Later they all meet up at the plot hook to find orock has bought the place, given it some new features and made it look oriental. Lex almost has apoplexi, but they eat and drink and find out sort of what has been happening. Sel tells them greydown has heard murrumurings of a sith cult in town, and alexis is very unhappy about it. They also discuss leaving 5.6 to stay in the town to help defence.


The group finish their dinner and go to bed. Next morning, they all meet up and see captain elmwood. They tell him what has happened in their travels, and he fills them in on what has been happening since they were absent – about how things were looking up, lots of people showing up and whatnot, and then how people started dissapering. He says he would look into it if all his men hadn’t vanished. The group assure him it’s fine and they will look into it. They then split up and say they will meet back at the pub in a couple of hours. Lex and egrim go to the church to check up on the woodlings and the church it’s self. The woodlings are doing fine, and settling in well. The avanites have left, but left some things (Archway bough, bountiful bush (dired feild rations), deep bough, (burrows and creates a well), embalming herbs, purifying herbs, internment root (gentle repose), ward root(grows ents), scrying seed (grows a scrying pool)) for egrim to help the church grow (litteerally). Egrim goes to check on the feilds.

Claire, sel and fai head to see the gnomes and how they are getting on and while they are alright for the most part, one of them who was hanging around with the red company has gone missing.

They head back and cross paths with lex who was headed to the pub and they swap info. Lex gets pissed off with captain arackus and they part ways again, with clair going with lex instead.

Fai and sel head to the library where fai gets a telling off from greydown for loosing the staff of the magi, and an offer for redemption in the form of creating his own magic imbued item. Lex starts to yell at aracus, but he gets shifty and says not here. She invites him to her house and yells a bit more. Then he tells her that a man called Hengrix has been subverting his army and subordinate officers for about a month and he stepped up his game here in tourguarde to the point where he is only captain in the loosest sense. He then summons his pocket mage who says the man might not even be a man as he can’t be read. Lex whines and the pocket mage suggests the town might be built on a locus of some kind wich draws danger to it.

He then looks at claire and says something about her knowing somethiing about that. Which draws lex’s attention. Claire reveals that her name is really wren and she doesn’t look like what she looks like. She then indicates her dissatisfaction with the group and lex dismisses the red company men and she and wren go back to the pub where lex makes wren tell everyone about hiding who she os and why she hadn’t yet revealed herself. They all have a deep heart to heart about why they are heros and do what they do and how they can be a family. They then leave wren to her thoughts while they share what else they have learnt. Sel says that poften lizard and snake mean can be resistant to magic and the other name for snake people is the carth. Alexis goes very pale and says that replite people like reptile demons, and then starts panicing about myrr coming back for her. She wants to go stik a knife in hendrix right there and then, but sel stops her, saying she and fai might not be able to help if these tings are resistant to magic. Lex agrees for them to go back to the library first to reserch. The others leave but sel says to wren she can come with and help them, or she can stay here and settle down, it’s her choise. Then sel leaves wren alone in the bar to make up her mind.

‘he looks at you with contempt *sticks middle finger up*’

Wren considers things for a while, before taking off with no goodbyes. Meanwhile in the library, sel and fai find out there are three types of carth and the grup are probably up against a lesser carth. Alexis is anxious to go kill hengrix, so sel tells her the wizzards might not help much but they’ll come anyway. Alexis leads the group to the old baracks, which stand oddly empty. They descend into the dungeons where they are met with a river of blood and gore. At middle of the corridor they see a small figure gargling in the blood. They hurry over as fast as they can withougt slipping and see it’s gerald. They heal him and sel takes him back to the gnome tower while the others move on. There is a door slightly a jar and lex sneaks up to see instead of hengix, the cleric of eronius doing all the killing. She waits and listens to him gloating while egrim buffs her crossbow and they all ready themselves. When they are ready she slams the door open shoots the cleric through the throat and steps to the side while ivan walks in with the fury of moradin and kills everything. They then capture the cleric and question him to find out that the town is over a locus and the minions of ssith are using the blood bath to feed the locus and open a portal to the Pit. They nock him out and the paldin’s leader takes him away. They try to clear the blood away and in doing so notice a set of stairs. They wait for sel to get ack before investigating fully. She uses detect magic and as they go down the stairs the magic gets stronger till they see a massive chanmber with a dark monolith in the center. Standing at it’s base are a bunch of skeletons that fai crushes under some mud-if-ied stalagtights. There is a red crack in the monolith that gets a touch wider and through comes a lizardy woman thing with several arms – a maralith. The group prepare and set a battle plan ( ivan take her front, lex tak her back, egrim consecrate and wizards harras and protect egrim), and get ready to fight.

‘hop on old lad,’ ‘…what?’ ‘just do what the bear tells you!’

The group start to engage the marlith who summons some dretch. They dispatch the dretch in the meantme a celestial bear is summoned by sel to assist and a seemingly random grizzly wanders in, and tells egrim he’s been sent by avanites to help out. The new bear also wades in and helps ivan out while fai uses magic to help. Egrim creeps around the marlith and the monolith and consecrates the area. Unfortunatly whatever is on the otherside of the portal takes offense and desecrates the area. Sel calls on the elements of magic to dispell this desecration which works. However the vying powers cuse the monolith to super heat and it explodes. Egrim blinks over to grizwald the new bear and ivan and windwalks them out, while fai and sel teleport out to the town square leaving lex to run out on her own. As she does the monalith explodes and the roof of the cave collapes, taking half the town with it. She lands at sel’s feet just as the hole settles. They see however that the library and town hall are teetering on the brink of the hole and that as demons swoop out the books fall in. Greydown flees leaving sel stricken, elmwood stunned and the others eyeing a suspcious dark bat shape…

The party is divided on what to do next, with some shocked, others needing a drink and still others wanting to gather townsfolk up and move out imediently. Lex takes control and tells orock to take elmwood and whoever else he can find to the back corner of the town and help them escape. The slayers, at ivan’s behest, go as well with the promise that they can come hit things later. Just then as alexis is looking around she sees a small figure on thed other side of the hole clomping towards where the balor hovers. The colour drans from her face as she sees it look up and waves at the balor, then hefts a large oddly sharp looking sword. She screams as the balor swoops down lower and bathes 5.6 in flame. He frowns at the balor and becons it closer. It produces it’s own vorpal sword and they do battle, as the group stand enthralled and agahst. Another scream finds it’s way from alexis as the balor takes of 5.6’s head and it lands in a burning heap at her feet. The golem defeated, the balor flys up again as two vrocks swoop down with instructions to take his body away, but alexis is having none of it. She slaps sel back into action, and the group engage the vrock, with alexis killing one, fai and sel the other and ivan the drech that one of the vrock summon. While egrim summons a solar, with grjizwald protecting him, the others hurry over to 5.6’s body. First they try to re attach his head, but the flesh slips of the bone like so much well cooked beef. Then as they are pondering, a flickering in the sky attracts their attention. The balor is conversing with the etherial spirits of the necromancers from the old world. They say they have found the body of the golem 1, 5.6’s lost brother, and they need the heartstone from 5.6 and blood sacrifice. The balor assures them 5.6 is down and he is retriving the control matrix, and the group watch as giant spider things start to slay penned in town folk, knowing there is nothing they can do to help them. The group then look around and see more dretch coming their way. Alexis runs to the plot hook and retrives the poker and coal shovel while ivan takes out the dretch. Egrim finishes casting and the solar apperes, then takes to the sky to slay the balor. While alexis scrapes out 5.6 chared remains the balor uses hextor’s old blade to slice the solar’s head off. Lex eventualy pulls out the control crystal of 5.6, which has a huge flaw in it. She hands it to grizwald asking him to break it, but he says he isn’t strong enough and the group decide to bolt. As they do so, hezrou demons begin pulling themselves out of the pit followed by more dretch and other horiffic things. They run to the church, where orock and the slayers made an exit for egrim to retrive his seeds, and the woodlings and gardener gnome who have been hiding there. The slayers hurry them through the hole and run off to join the fight. They leave, taking one last look at their town.

The group join the other refugees and they travel to highcreek, the nearest village where alexis’s face is known and ask to stay the night. They try to tell the mayor about what happened but he is being a bit dense so fai looses his temper and shouts out they’re all doomed to which the villagers run away and slam their doors. Alexis tries reasoning with them but only one door opens, an middle aged lady named maude. She takes in their band of 47, feeds and puts up some of the frailer ones, whilst taking a shine to ivan. Lex buys some more bolts from her son, and then she and ivan remember about the treasures and artifacts back in her home with mortification, while sel and fai discus getting to yasty’s tower in darkwood for knowlage and maybe to find greydown. Poor egrim is in shock at getting the solar killed, and blames himself for causing the hole in the town.

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