DnD Parts 35-37

DnD Parts 35-37

-party spends night partying-
Ivan: “who do I wake up next to?”
GM: “you wake up on furs”
Grizwald: “get off!”

The next morning lex asks elmwood what the plan is and he says he doesn’t have one and feels like a total fraud in his position. He agrees with grizwald that going to castle dire and taking the town of highcreek with them is a sound plan and asks the party to accompany them.
They speak to the mayor of highcreek and they all head off to castle dire. However when they arrive they find the castle taken over.
The group leave the towns folk behind and creep forward.
There has clearly been a battle as bodys of the army litter the ground which are being collected by teams of constucts lead by chasme demons. There are other constructs and slaves cuting down many of the trees leading up to castle dire, and in the distance lex spots a strange construction come out of the castle it’s self. It seems like a large metal cross with bodies hung from it. She points it out to sel and fai, and fai determins it’s some kind of tree of woe and is being used an energy store, and sel adds it’s probably storing energy for a portal of some kind due to be opened, and the people on it are the members of the wizards council. Lex and fai note that the constructs bear resembalance to the ones they saw in the old world, and coupled with the info from before, the group can only assume the necromancers they faught before have come over and teamed up with demons to take over a new land. They back trace their steps, and report to elmwood who gibbers again. Lex thinks the party might be able to do sothing but not with all the people in tow, so fai suggests hiding them someplace. Lex racks her brain and fnally comes up coven, a hamlet in the woods in the moonstone hills, close but not overly lose to trolltooth pass. Elmwood agrees this sounds ideal so they turn and head there.

Several days later, and they come to the village to be greeted by Arack, the warden. They tell him their plight and he ushers them in where they met marath who is the leader of the small druidic council there. They repeat their plight, and he summons his council and the party (leaveing the rest in the square outside) convines with them.
They talk and explain what happened and the druids offer their vilage for the other survivors to stay and as a muster point. Then the elder takes grizwald and egrim aside and tells them about Therin brentwood ooold druid, lives in forest of night by largest tree with iron bark and ruby leaves and Treespeaker, lives in tree of gold n silver and can rouse ents. They then all get settled and eat and drink. Next morning grizwald dunks everyone in a buket of water and they prep for traveling into darkwood to yasty’s house where they talk to living crockery
The group take tea with the sentient crockery, while sel talks to the books to find out information on the demons and see if they can suggest any weapons to find to defeat the evils. She finds a book about a holy glave, hidden in the forset of night. Lex eventually gets bored and wanders upstairs to take a look around, and finds a semi-sentient cudgle and a book about elder trees and druids both of which like her. At the same time, fai and egrim find a scrying pool which wants their attention. They see a pile of bodies, and a small bird, and a forest decaying. Suddenly sel hears a trilling from outside and opens the window to see the brid fai saw in the pool. Drackle says someone needs them and the group go out and follow it to see a pile of bodies that have been attacked by somthing nasty. They hear groaning from under the pile and pull out Sylven, a female fighter. She tells them she was with a merc band who were tracking a demon when they got attacked, but she did’t remeber much else aside she heard somone say they were going to forets of night. Fai suggests they bury the bodys so while the menfolk do that, sel and lex take slyv back to the tower to clean up and eat. They spend the night there and set of for the forest in the morning with grizwald pulling a cart with them in. It takes a few weeks but they arrive at the forest and see along the way dead things have not been staying dead. When they get to the forset it is clear all is not well; the trees are sick and dying the dead are moving and following the stranger. They met an ent called ashwood who recognizes their quest to find the glave of the last cruisader. He leads them through the forest to the first of the elder trees/ druids, where he asks egrim to waken the druid who has become part of the tree. The elder druid thanks him, and tells ashwood to lead the group on, and he will catch up once he has regained strength. Ashwood does as bade and leads them to a clearing, lined with luminus fungi like lanterns, where fellow ents stand in court.

The group sit themselves on a rock in the middle of the clearing and alexis asks them about waking and/or taking the last crusader and his weapon to battle. The ents tell her is is not possible as he can only be woken by the gods themselves. The group says the understand and the ents as if they can take care of the blighter. They are told he is a short distance to the noth, and the group agree and grizwald tracks the blighter to a deap piit that once held the roots of a great tree. On the outside of the pit, small undead and decaying creatures squirm and writhe, while close to the center larger beasts pace. In the very center is the bighter, a mortal man. Lex wants to shoot him outright but grizwald reminds her of the ents words and says he will speak to the blighter, and see if he will redeem himself. Grizwald enters the pit and talks to the blighter. The blighter said that because bad stuff happens to nature, and nature doesn’t retaliate, then what better way to teach people the importance is to help nature be destroyed. He clearly doesn’t want to be redemed so griz gives the signal and lex shoots and kills him in 3 hits. All the animals redie and lex and fai go down and scope out the body. They are just done looting when ashwood and freinds show up quite pissed off and throw large rocks on the blighted pit. Silently the other ents vanish and leave the group more than a little shaken by their ferocity. Ashwood appologises and leads them back to the clearing where they settle down for the night.

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