DnD Parts 38 and 39

DnD Parts 38 and 39

The next day ashwood takes the group to the tree of silver and gold. The group walk through a much older section of the forest and through a large brier patch where they come accross a copse of the metalic trees. The outer trees move to protect the tree in the center when the group tells them they come in peace,the trees move apart and egrim wakes the eldar druid by name. Treespeaker wakes and steps forward, demanding to know who woke him. Egrm announces himself and say treespeaker was woken as part of a force against the demons. Treespeaker asks who woke the demons and after a hesitation egrim says it was the cabal of necromancers. Treespeaker asks why he hesitated and as egri starts to say it was his fault, alexis interups and says it wasn’t. She idetifies herself and explains what happened and treespeaker agrees it wasn’t egrims fault. He asks about granny apple and egrim says lex met her. The group then ask if he knows the name and whereabouts of the other eldar druids, and he mentions that he only knows of Lazor, ‘he who shifts with the seasons’ who has found them. They then notice there are many furrred beasts surrunding the copse. Griz steps forward and the ring of beasts allow him to walk through thier ranks towards a huge dire bear. Griz waits till he smells human, half orc scent in the ever changing smells of the bear before he says why they are here and why they want to wake the eldar druids. Lazor ‘asksm who woke treespeaker and egrim is beconed forward. Lazor then asks egrim to say the itonment of galana in order to verify that he is of the faith and egrim does so, as follows:

Oh blessed mother of the earth
I entreat to you 
I will uphold your will And protect your kingdom
But seak to drive out abominations and those who wold do it harm
Blessed light, only creator of nature, Give myself unto you and only you
Blessed be galana and her kingdom. 

The bearr sighs and shrinks inot a half orc with a fur cloak and a staff with a larg fang attached (different to the tree druids, who all have cloaks of leaves). He afirms he will help them, and lend his support. Griz and egrim tell the others. They ask griz to ask about the other eladr druids but lazor only knows of one, in the mountains arouund the white dragonn flight territory. He is feldspar of the stone and geodite tree. However because of thje danger and the inefficenty alexis says they should find the others before venturing into the frozen mountains. The others agree and lazor offers them a bear ride back to the thinking stone, where the group ask therin if he knows of either the multch druid or the night druid. He says feldspar will know of the night druid, but the multch druid, whos name is Lord deciduous, the great composter, lives in a hollow at the far south of the forest.
After a good night’s sleep the group set out again. As they get closer to the composter’s realm the forest gets more ragged, but not in the same corrupt manner they saw before. When they arrive they see shambling mounds, as well as Otyugh and Tendriculos. Alexis sneaks forward to get a better look intto the pit and sees a large mound in the center that the shamblers seem to be pushing detritus towards. She becons egrim forward, and motions taking his plate armour off so as not to attract the attention of the creatures. After a little confusion he understands and does so, before also sneaking forward. Lex points to the mound in the center, and the both slide down the side of the pit to get closer. However as egrim is figuring out if he is close enough to wake decidious, a shambeling mound gets too close and tries to taset them. Lex shoots it and it screams and they find themselves surrounded. Giz leaps down and pumels some, as lex shoots some more and egrim runs and tries to get closer for his spell. Ivan leaps down as well and reminds egrim that he can command the creatures as they are plants. He does so and the mounds carry him towards the sucking gulping mass of detritus in the center. He casts the spell to awaken decidious and it works.

Lord decidious awakes, with a staff of fungi and a cloak of mulch and egrim once agains explains their purpose. Decidious agrees he’s felt the corruption and that even now much of it focuses of fangthane and that granny apple is sick. The group decides that they should probably head straight there and help out. They know ivan can’t step inside the mountain, so the others wind-walk over while he walks. They arrive a few miles from the mountain’s base and see a bunch of pavilions lined up near by with bad guys talking. Over the mountain swarm dark elves, mythril elves, identified as the Kalos clan, and demons (dretch and toad demons) with assistance of part metal constracts.
The others leave to windwalk into fangthane and alexis stays behind to listen to the generals talking. Thier conversations amounts to:

Elf: “I think you’re stupid”
Golocx the Toad Demon: “Well I think you’re stupid. My plan will work. Even now our infiltrators are doing bad things to the Druid Circle and the Ironmonger’s Guild.”
Elf: “Fine. And then we summon the greater evil thing?”
Golocx: “Yes. I still think you are an insignificant imp, but I now I leave for I have more important things to do.”

As they finish talking and the toad walks away, the elf walks into his tent. Lex decids to try and take him out. She shoots him, and then sets fire to his barrels of alchohol. She then windwalks to fang, pursued by giant black hawks, as he comes out with intent to squewer her.

When she arrives at fang, she tells the others what she heard. However they miss seeing the brids, as they are shot by the guards, and in her haste she forgets to tell them about the fire. They hurry down to the forge area the see about the cultists and to go see edwin and tell him about the cultists in the druids. On their way they are amushed by a group of cultists. They are shot at, swiped by paws, frozen, fried and hit with a stick into submission. They kill all but one who tells them about the pale lady. Grizwald stands over dwarf cultist, breaths bear breath and roars. ‘Now If you please, tell me why you’re here’ Pale lady, on pink background with gold border. She told them elves are there to help, that moradin forsook them, all the iron mongers are using their iron to praise her.
Some actual dwarven guards come by and tell them about the temple to the pale lady, and how it’s so heavily fortified. The group then windwalk over to the temple of galana, on the way seeing how fortified the other temple is. Edwin greets them happily and lex tells him about what she heard. Egrim says he will use the scrying pool to contact the druids and warn them, and also to tell the other galanites about whats happening. In the mean time edwin tells them granny apple has developed some kind of malady he is struggling to cure. He opens the portal to her part of the mountainside and the group go through.

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