DnD parts 41-43

DnD parts 41-43

With this, the group leave Edwin, the Ents and druid to take care of granny’s seed apple. As they descend into Fangthane, Egrim tells the others about his conversation with the Coincide of Galana, who confirmed that the Cult of the White Lady has already taken hold at Coven, and say also that animals are being subjected to demonic possession. They also say that the group might be able to find help with silver dragons, and mention they have a smell like rain. Then there is a massive deep horn and the group see thousands of dwarves shaving their hair and beards and painting woad on their bodies, as the whole mountain (the very young and old aside) turns into slayers. The group hurry through to see the king, where Alexis asks about Ivan’s banishment. The king is mournful of what happened and says the banishment is over, and Ivan is now the mountain’s champion. He calls for the stone carver to set it down and then sends a runner out to find Ivan and let him know. The king, tattooed, shaved and woad-ed, leaves his chambers and the group follow down to the gates of fang, where Ivan is waiting with his shamblers, having been fund. The king apologises and Ivan accepts his role in the battle. His gavel lights up and Moradin pops out and incinerates the dretch, and then Ivan leads them in the charge, the rest of the group and the dwarves behind him. Alexis sees the guy she tried to incinerate earlier and points Ivan towards him. The group engage his foot solders, armites and grizath.

They battle for some time and eventually defeat the demons, however they loose Grizwald again, while the elf and the second troop of demons move on before the fight ends. The group take a well deserved rest in the rope trick

After they all heal up and exit the rope trick, Alexis scouts around and sees a group of mithril elves. The wizards cast fireball and acid ball from a far distance, while the others move up and take out the four Blackguards. While they are looting the corpses, Alexis sees a bad guy fleeing, shoots at him but misses and he gets away. On the bodies of the elves they find a note:

Dathurus: I entrust you with the remained of this campaign while I return to our dark master. Once you have finished here return to Toreguarde for our master has completed his final works. Balemere

Lex reads it out and Egrim asks who Dathurs is, and Alexis says probably the guy that escaped. Grizwald yells at her, but she shrugs and says there probably wasn’t anything they could do. She proceeds to loot the armour from the blackguards to give to the dwarves. In the process she discovers Xanthril’s severed head which she pulls out to disgard and makes everyone retch.

The group then cast around and see a small huddle of dwarves across the mire of battle. They make their way over, just as a group of beardlings come out. The beardlings part and the prince comes through, and asks Ivan’s permission to be crowned. He gives a small speech as an ‘of course’. The prince then reinstates the honour of the 30 remaining slayers and asks them to be his new council. Alexis offers the armour to the dwarves but Egrim blurts out they are pure evil and the beardlings freak out and Alexis has to hold on to it. With that they all retreat into the mountain for some rest and relaxation.

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