DnD Parts 44 and 45

DnD Parts 44 and 45

The group first find a jeweller’s and Egrim purchases 5 diamonds for resurrection spells (since they are using so many), then they head to the temple of Moradin where the clergy give them 32 healing potions. Out in the square, the ‘temple’ to the white lady is being pulled down, and the papers burned. They read one and discover they were being called on to revolt and disregard all dwarf traditions. Ivan says it’s like a cult of ‘do what I say cuz boobs’ which reminds Alexis of her corset of slackjaw, which gets them all thinking about where it came from and the beings that were using it before Alexis had it, which leads Selene to conclude it’s a succubus that is behind this cult. However they are tired and hungry, and Ivan wants to drink so they go back to McMurty’s pub with a crowd of 90 or so hangers on. Ivan is treated like royalty, and while he Alexis and Selene get merry, Grizwald and Fai leave to get more reagents and arrange travel to the last druid.

Fai meets a gnomish wizard who sells him some stuff to banish demons, along with some other things. While he is in the shop, Grizwald asks someone about transport arrangements, and they mention as well as the pony and carts, the engineers have made some things. Grizwald naturally disapproves, but when Fai comes back he wants to see the contraption. So off they toddle, and see a Zeppelin like thing with lots of cannons and lightning elementals in it. They meet the captain who is bat-shit crazy, who tells them this is the fastest thing on Titan. He also says it’s a prototype and they would be test subjects. Fai and Grizwald go back to the others who are pretty drunk. Alexis annoys Grizwald, Selene is singing and Ivan is relishing his glory. Fai and Grizwald try and tell the others what happened but decide to leave it till the next morning.

Over a hero’s breakfast, helping sober them up, the others are told about the flying machine. Selene Ivan and Fai like the idea but Grizwald doesn’t, and Alexis is dubious, remembering that time with Raxis, so she asks Fai to take them to see the wizard first, then see the machine.

They go to see Balthazar, the Gnomish wizard, and obtain two scrolls of Mass Teleport Without Error. They then discuss what else they need to do and decide to go see a leather-worker about something for getting Grizwald health potions, and some info about the dragons and the area of the mountains they will be visiting.

They find a leather-worker who jerry rigs a back-pack water-skin with a valve on it for Grizwald, and says it will take a few days. While they wait they go back to the pub and find a dwarf named Old Derek who keeps Fangthain’s library. He helps Selene and Fai find books on where the silver and white dragons territories are, and Selene finds out the lord of the silver dragons is called Aegis, and that they like silver shinies, like mirrors and pearls. They are finishing up and thanking Derek for his help (for which he asks a white and silver dragon scale) when a deep horn goes, followed by a steam whistle.

They hurry outside to find if they are being attacked again and they are told that the ship is being launched. The hurry and follow the throng of people and see the large Zeppelin like thing trundling down the main street towards to exit doors. On board Fai points out the captain. There are also two others with him, a dwarf with a huge crossbow and another with battle cleric robes. Alexis nudges the nearest dwarf and asks who they are and is told they are part of the Demon Face-Smashers group, Fai asks where they’re headed and is told that the group heard about Toreguarde from Ivan and decided to go there. Fai takes off suddenly and climbs on to the deck, with the others close behind. There he tries to talk them out of going, highlighting the danger which doesn’t seem to phase them. Alexis breaks it down in to simple questions:

  • Do you want to die?
  • Are you okay with dying horribly and painfully
  • Are you actually lunatics?

To which the answers are:

  • Eh not bothered,
  • Sure,
  • Quite probably.

It’s clear they aren’t going to be talked out of going, and they say they have a special holy bomb, blessed three times over and filled with good divine power and holy water. The group make doubly sure the captain and all understand what they’re getting into and it seems they are taking everything into account. They also mention Old Red, and Alexis says if they do kill him to bring her a trophy. So with reluctance, and many good wishes the group disembark and leave them to their devices. They head back to McMurty’s and drink till the leather worker has finished. Then they sober up Ivan, drag him away from his adoring public and teleport them all the the mountains of the Silver Dragons.

The group arrive in a blizzard. It is bitingly cold and visibility and hearing is almost nill. Alexis manages to hear two winged creatures approaching and sees two juvenile grey coloured dragons and an elder approaching. One of the juveniles lands close and they are almost knocked off. Selene offers it a silver coin and after deciding they’re no threat, it takes the coin and goes to argue with it’s sibling. The ancient wyrm settles himself down and they explain why they are here and that they want to make a bargain with Aegis. The older dragon acquiesces and then (after Grizwald scolds Lex’s lack of decorum again) takes them on his back to the dragon’s aerie

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