End Game 46 and 47

End Game 46 and 47

The group land at the silver dragon aerie and are lead through to a great chamber with a great shimmering diamond in the middle. The older wyrm announces them to Aegis and retreats. The walls shake slightly as the ancient great wyrm extracts himself from the rock that has been growing around him. Egrim greats him and Aegis says he is at a disadvantage, as they know him, but not the other way around. The group introduce themselves and explain their purpose. Aegis agrees, and furthermore encourages their quest, saying that once the bargain has been paid he will personally escort them to the tree and end his feud with Everwinter, the Lady of White Scale. The group then make their donations of silver coin and other silvery items .

Aegis then leaves his cave and gives a small speech to his family, telling them that his time is coming to an end and he wishes to leave the world fighting, and he names Bulwark, his son, as his successor. He then invites the group to mount him and he flies them to the edge of the white dragon’s territory and leaves them there, saying he will provide a distraction for them so they can sneak through and find the druid and awaken him. Aegis flies off, and the group find themselves in a system of paths carved out of the rock face. They follow it for a bit before stumbling across a human encampment which offers Grizwald some meat in exchange for him not eating them (they don’t know he’s Awakened). With that done and the humans out of the way, the group start to traverse the paths, however they come up against a patrol of battle clerics. The clerics have red leather chest plates, with burgundy cloth underneath and white dragon scales on their shoulders. The group fight the clerics, and ultimately Selene manages to crush them under a wall of rock. However they lose Egrim to a fire. Alexis hacks off his right foot and stashes it for him to be resurrected later, however this now poses a problem as to how they will awaken the druid.

‘She is a perfect puddle of darkness… a puddle of knives.’

The wizards and Ivan throw on the vestments and fashion a lead out of belts to lead Grizwald, and move up towards the amphitheatre with Alexis a small blur in the back. The amphitheatre is filled with people and priests, and is carved into a bowl with paths leading from it. In the middle of the bowl white drakes and men offering tributes to the White Dragon Lady, while the greater wyrms perch, gargoyle like, on the obsidian pillars. A bell tolls and Everwinter flies in and settles herself on a dais at the very centre of the bowl.

 Aegis swoops in, says and says: ‘Winter concubine, our feud has lasted to long. I have skulked in caves too long, and I will suffer your presence no longer. Face me or hide behind your supplicants, either way your feasting will not last ‘

To which Everwinter replies: ‘Priests, attend me, kill this silver dragon, and the one who slays him will ascend to greatness. Giants kill the cowards. Old wyrm I don’t need to face you when I have these to do so for me.’

With that, several hundred men rush forward and get squished, tumbled, and otherwise dead. Next she sends the giants in, one gets nommed and the others get crushed by Aegis. Everwinter backs up and flies to a peak. Aegis grins and follows.

The group, having watched this with some fascination, are broken out of the visual spell by hundreds of other people trying to flee the amphitheatre. Priests are patrolling the crows trying to convince them to turn and fight, with limited success. Unfortunately Selene trips over her borrowed robes, drawing the attention of one who starts to yell about imposters. Fortunatly no one is taking notice of him and Grizwald gives him a swipe with his claws, knocking him over. They all flee towards an archway during which time Grizwald gets to eat the faces off a couple more priests, and Alexis finds an empty room for them to regroup in. They send the familiars, Drackle and Mika, off towards the east to scout out the rock druid for them. The poor creatures hurry best they can, and Drackle spots the tree. The group hurry to catch up with the animals who are cold from the wind and snow. Once at the ‘tree’, they all admire it’s beauty – it has a granite trunk that has been worn down to a glossy finish, and the branches sprout out of the bole, with slices of agate geodes forming the leaves. However they are still faced by the conundrum on how to awaken the druid within. It is suggested that if they can remove him from the tree, and take him back to Fangthane, he can be reawakened by one of the priests there. Alexis concentrates like never before, and manages to pick out where the druid meets the tree. She takes a dagger, and slowly and carefully using the whole of her being, starts to trace around the druid and cut him away from the tree. Meanwhile, the others keep watch and try to stay warm. After some time, they notice a dragon approaching. Fortunately it is Aegis. Alexis finishes working on the druid (her fingers are stiff from cold and exertion, and her eyes hurt from straining) and backs away. Aegis is hurt badly, Everwinter has apparently fled. The old wyrm praises them, and tells them he can help with the druid. He lets out a low noise and slowly the tree begins to crack and the druid is able to walk free easier thanks to Alexis’s work. Sadly Aegis says his final goodbye, and breaths his last, as the druid fully wakes. They miss each other by seconds, and bring Alexis and the wizards, to tears. The druid is solemn in his appreciation as to why they woke him, and also mourns the loss of Aegis.

However, he urges them to hurry back to Fangthane, which they do, arriving to confused priests in the main square. Alexis calls out for a cleric and hands over Egrin’s right foot, and a diamond to a priest of Moradin. They say it will take some time, so the group first head to the library to repay their debt to Derek, then to McMurty’s for some rest.

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