End Game Parts 48 and 49

End Game Parts 48 and 49

Group leave Fangthane and go back to Darkwood Forest with the Rock Druid. There, they collect the other druids and awaken the final druid, the one of Light. The druids of each element: Earth, Night, Forest, Animals and Light come together and cast a mighty awakening on the planet it’s self. Sadly their entire being is used up and they all turn to dust. However elementals and creatures of Titan all band together and start marching towards the former Toreguarde, intent on it’s destruction. While the group are still stood around, witnessing this, the Big Bad Baylor appears in the residual energy left by the awakening in order to mock the group. It doesn’t quite work though, as Ivan constantly interrupts with jibes of his own.

‘I’m sorry, who are you? No, seriously. Have we actually met?’ – Fai to his torturer

The group decide to head back to Fangthane via the blighted grove (so Egrim can fix it and get back in good with Galana) in order to pick up Ivan’s armour and for Alexis to get more bolts. They get there to find the place in up-roar, as half of Fangthane turned out to be an earth elemental, and wandered off to join the fight. They manage to get Ivan’s shield, but not his full armour and they stock up and prepare, before making the long trek to the former site of Toreguarde.

When they get there they see the whole town has been engulfed by a giant metal citadel with a tower that pulses with energy emanating from the top. Alexis, suddenly becoming unavailable, Fai uses improved invisibility to sneak himself in and take a look around. He sees foundries making flesh golems and other constructs over a grating, underneath which seems to be a massive roiling sea of people parts. He goes to the next chamber and sees an aviary of sorts, however instead of birds there are large wyvern-like beasts. Unfortunately, Fai gets caught and tortured. However, he is told that the necromancers intend to bring the Diabolic Three back. Ivan manages to sends in xorns to help free him. Fai recovers, explains and they enter. They come to One – 5.6 and 3’s ancestor who is Huge, and made out of a storm giant. The wizards hang back and cast disintegrate on the grating dropping One into the people-soup below. Grizwald and Ivan rush forward and stop it getting back up, while Alexis shoots at it’s heart that turns out to be Greydown, the annoying not-so-nice wizard they all wanted to kill.

They advance forward to the next chamber and Alexis sneaks in and sees the demon wyvern things Fai told them about.. She reports back and the others try to sneak in with her. However it all goes a bit wrong, and they are detected. The abyssal drakes swoop in and breath all over everyone, killing Fai outright and hurting Egrim and Selene severely. Selene manages to blind one drake, before she’s taken out, and Egrim uses Ethereal Jaunt so he is safe. Ivan, seeing Egrim vanish, and Selene and Fai die, turns and retreats, expecting Alexis and Grizwald to do the sensible thing and follow him. They do not. Alexis stands her ground, and looks to Grizwald. The bear looks back and nods, and between the pair of them they work on taking out two of the drakes. Egrim manages to cast Planar Ally and requests assistance from a planatar. She comes down and seeing what’s happened in turn casts Miracle, requesting assistance from her god Bahamet, who resurrects Fai and Selene and gives everyone full health. However, the god takes Bellatrix the Planatar’s immortality and wings from her, reducing her to a level 17 cleric. Egrim casts flame-strike on two drakes while Grizwald, Ivan and Alexis finish the final drakes off.

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