End Game Part 50

End Game Part 50

They pause for a breather, and apologise to Bella. She waves them off, and she and Egrim cast a bunch of buffing spells. They go to the end of the aviary to find a closed gate that is shaped like interlocking fangs. Alexis hears a wailing like desperate souls from behind it, so finds a crack to look through, but all she can see is mists of blood, and bella can’t see through magically. Grizwald finds a pulley wheel to open the gate and they go through, to see everything is slick with blood. The walls, the floor, the ceiling and the very air drip with blood that congeals on them as they go through, with Egrim convincing them it’s just an illusion.

They go up a double flight of stairs and through a door way to see more mists of blood swirling around. Along the sides of the walls are people chained, or bolted, with parts cut off their eyes and mouths forced open, seated in tiered benches like in a jury. As they watch, a man is dragged over a grating in the centre and a loud voice talks about finding him guilty. Suddenly the grating opens and the man falls screaming. Alexis sees the demon in question: a massively fat hairy creature with a boar’s head and tiny wing things. It greats them as they move into position, and begins to talk as Egrim dispels it’s darkness. Suddenly they can see it in full ‘glory’, and they look down, from the edge of the grating, into the swirling below. The rest of the group sees a spinning vortex of colour, but Alexis sees it’s true horror: miles and miles of tunnel, leading down through all the layers of hell, with all the things that dwell there reaching out for their next meal. She is snapped out of this horrific contemplation by Grizwald rushing forward and clawing at the demon ahead, while Ivan partly gets to it. Alexis looses a few bolts but then Bella finishes it off by hurling a banishment at it.

The mists and darkness fully recedes and they see the full horror of the people, from surrounding villages, as well as from Toreguarde it’s self. Egrim wants to try and heal them but Alexis tells him it won’t work and the planatar agrees. Alexis gets ready to put a bolt in each heart but the others tell her to save them, so she gets out her dagger intending to slit each throat, but Bella stops her, saying there is a better way. Alexis says Bella doesn’t need to do anything – not wanting to upset this creature of purity and goodness – but the planatar insists and she casts Prismatic Wall which quickly dissolves the people in acids.

The group then move on, and up to the next level where they over hear the necromancers talking to Yagrin the balor about them. They vanish just as the group enters. The group quickly spread out with Grizwald going left and Ivan to the right. Yagrin speaks to Ivan in dwarfish, asking him to go one-on-one with it, which he refuses, saying he couldn’t keep the rest of the group away. Yagrin laughs and says ‘very well’ and summons 4 toad demons as it vanishes. Grizwald destroys one in one hit, while Alexis and Ivan take out a second and Bella dismisses the 3rd. Finally Grizwald and Alexis take out the last demon. The group insult the balor as it speaks to them through the floor and it tells them to come on up. Alexis notices a stair behind it’s giant iron throne and Grizwald and Egrim push it out of the way. The group ascend carefully, with Egrim’s Dancing Shield out front protecting Ivan. They come to the top of the stair, and they see they have come out onto the tower’s roof. Spires of iron jut into the sky, but they pay no heed and send the shield out.  When nothing happens to it, Ivan and Grizwald move out again to the right and left. Alexis and Egrim follow, also moving to the left and right. They leave Selene and Bella in the stairwell behind Egrim’s shield. Alexis manages to draw first blood, while Ivan and Grizwald move towards Yagrin. Just as Grizwald gets to it, it swoops down and attacks Ivan. Grizwald runs to his aid as Selene tries to banish it. Unfortunately it resists her, and casts it’s own spell around Alexis, trying to affect her mind. However it fails, and Egrim turns his staff into a Treent. The treent goes forward and grapples Yagrin successfully, enabling Grizwald and Ivan to pummel it. However it is Alexis who lands the killing blow, taking it down. As a final act of defiance, the balor roars and explodes as it dies. Fortunately most of the group are either quick on their feet and are not injured or behind something. Ivan and Egrim take some damage, but the treent – and Egrim’s staff – is destroyed along with the dancing shield which Selene and Bella hid behind.

A sudden stillness falls and The Sword of Hextor, which the balor took from 5.6 the day the gate was opened, spins unharmed and lands embedded in the centre of the tower. Alexis strides up to it, as it gives off a cold unholy aura. She looks to the heavens and calls on their patron gods, greg galana moradin and titan, to take hex’s sword out of reach of anyone saying Hex wouldn’t want to see it used how it was, and it’s too dangerous to remain on titan. The gods so named all appear before them and agree that it should be removed. Titan takes it up and hurls it into the sky saying it will land in a dead space area. Alexis is shocked into silemce and the others bow ad they all express their thanks.

Bellatrix reminds them there is still the matter of the hell-portal to be delt with and she has an idea of how to do so. She leads them back down stairs and with egrim and ivan’s help, lifts the metal grid from over the hell-pit. She takes her sword and cuts her palm, then begins chanting. Egrim tells the others that she is casting miricle again, though they don’t quite know what else she is going to offer. She reaches the climax of the spell, and before anyone can do anything, drives her sword through her ribs and topples forward into the chasm. A clear silvery resin like substance  fills the top of the hole, freezing her in mid tumble and cutting off all supply of dark magic to the upper world. An eerie silence fills the world as the demons start to die and the elementals dig in to avoid being blown away by the rush of magic. The group exit the tower and go outside to see the elementals just picking themselves up and righting themselves.

Ivan goes to fangthane and talks to it in terran, asking it if it will return which it does so. While lex talks to the trees and suggests they also head back.

Lex, egrim and sel decide to stay at the fort to protect the plug and try and rebuild, while ivan flags down the airship and he and fai hitch a ride to coven to pick up the former towns people and anyone else wh joined them.

Griz says goodbye and wanders back to take care of the forests now the elder druids are gone. A few weeks later and fai and ivan return with the people and the five of them stand on the roof of the fort tower.

There is much rebuilding to be done, and questions remain about sith, castle dire and the remaining demonic forces, but they still raise a glass to the ‘fun’ they’ve had.

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