Destiny’s New Servants, Part 50

Destiny’s New Servants, Part 50

The group get passage on the ship, and go looking for the trio of unusual suspects. They find them quickly; they are in a corridor leading to the depths of the ship, interrogating an engineer as to the ship’s heading. On getting their information, Dapper shoots the poor man in the head. He then looks up suddenly, his eyes narrowed, and says he has detected the presence of the group poised on the other side of the door watching through a porthole. Dapper then sends Sniper back up towards the group, tasking him with taking them out, while he and Goggles go deeper into the ship.

As Sniper reaches the door, Zege opens it for him catching him unaware, and Darrius casts a Sleep spell out him, putting him out for the count. Zege ties Sniper up with some rope Merri found and Elo sends him and Darrius off to deal with Goggles and Dapper, while she secures the weapon as best she can, while knowing nothing about guns. She then sends Felix off to inform the captain he has persons of interest seeking to subvert his ship, and after double checking Zege’s knots, sends Merri off to help the two of them. Merri pauses, unwilling to leave Elo alone (There seems to be some sentiment that I get in trouble if I’m left alone. Can’t think why… – Dru), but Elo assures her that she’ll be fine – there are thirteen kobolds and a dragon to keep an eye on things.

As Darius and Zege approach the door, they hear Dapper and Goggles talking about if it’s possible to turn the ship around and send it on to Mythrilmar instead. Goggles complains about the low level of tech, but says he thinks it can be done. He begins doing something strange to the console. Darrius and Zege look around and see a ventilation shaft that runs from where they stand to the back on the room, and consider using it to surprise Dapper. Just then Merri appears, puffing a cursing, and Dapper looks up and seems to somehow note their presence again. He retreats to the back of the room and puts his fingertips on his temples. At just that moment Darius gets a glazed look in his eyes and, placing himself before the door, begins to attack Zege and Merri. They retaliate, while trying to only stun the poor boy.

Meanwhile Felix has informed captain Wizknockle he has stowaways. He doesn’t even get to the part where they want to change the ship’s course before the captain has a meltdown and calls for his Bosun and a pile of security. Thirty-odd mooks assemble on the deck and Elo directs them the direction in which the stowaways are headed, and Felix leads them down. Elo asks the Bosun to put Sniper in the brig, and suggest that he has all his effects removed as he will surely escape otherwise. She then heads down to join the others, wondering what’s going on.

She comes down to chaos: It is apparent that something has gone wrong with darius, as he is now under a pile of mooks with his hands in irons, and Merri and Zege seems a little distracted, so Elo slips through the crowd and unlocks the door, bringing her crossbow up as she enters. She is met with the sight of goggles – a huge bipedal golem type thing – fucking about with the console. Needles extend from the end of his fingers and penetrate the console, and he makes strange tones. She querulously demands he stop what he’s doing, or she’ll shoot, while behind her Felix tells her not to damage it, so he can figure out what it’s doing. Unfortunately for everyone on the ship, Elo does not listen to Felix. Goggles does not stop, and so Elo, intending to incapacitate, shoots it.

The golem seizes up and topples over, apparently dead. The mighty clang of it hitting the deck is enough to bring Dapper out of his trance, thus releasing Darius. However, Dapper is not slow off the mark and brings his own weapon up, telling her that she’s doomed the ship. Elo announces her intent to arrest Dapper, but he counters it with a display of his own badge, saying that he is an inquisitor from another world and she is interrupting his investigation. Dapper goes on to tell them that what Goggles was doing is now going to release the demon running the ship causing it to crash, and despite Felix’s protestations, it will not be fixable by him. There is the distinctive sound of retreating footsteps as the mooks all vanish back to the deck to tell the Captain to abandon ship. Dapper then brings their attention to the uncomfortable fact that he has his (weapon trained on Elo and demands that they take him to a ‘lifepod’, and not cause a fuss, or he will shoot her. She sends the others ahead of her, and they troop up to the deck to find a lifeboat (note for future – have people spread out around the person about to get shot).

However, when they arrive on deck, it is deserted aside from Aurianna in dragon form, huddled over the kobolds. She tells them that all the lifeboats have been taken, and that an ‘angry cloud’ left the ship a little while ago. As they stand there, something off to the left of the ship explodes and the ship lurches. The inquisitor asks if Elo has ever flown an airship before. Felix and Zege posit that between them they would work it out, but the Inquisitor is looking at Elo. She grins maniacally and says there’s no time like the present, right? He gives her a short grin back, and motions to the steering wheel, where with some help from Felix, she gets the ship under control and into a glide.

The inquisitor then says he may have a plan; If they can part the ship from the balloon gondola, they can take hold of the chains that dangle from it and coast to a more gentle halt. Felix hurries to find a spanner, and Merri starts to ease the nuts off, however the spanner is the wrong size so only succeeds in rounding off the edges. Felix, appeals to the kobolds, thinking they might have spotted a tool box or something similar, however they have no idea what he’s talking about so he decides to head below and look for himself. Unfortunately, as he goes to walk down the stairs that lead below, the whole bottom of the ship sloughs off, and leaves him dangling in mid-air, hanging from the banister and crying out for help.

Fortunately for him, Auriana hears him. She gathers up the kobolds and drops them on the Inquisitor before hurrying off to help Felix. The inquisitor is knocked out by falling kobolds, and his gun goes flying. Elo, suddenly relieved of the threat of imminent death, passes the steering wheel to Zege, and unlocks Darius’s cuffs. He casts Fly on himself, while Auriana and Felix work out between them that she can probably bite through the struts. They go to work on that while the kobolds and Merri clamber up and secure themselves to the chains. Felix secures himself, and Elo asks Zege to grab the Inquisitor, and they too are secured. Elo counts off everyone as being safe, then realizes she is alone on the deck, and the last one left. She jumps, her hand grasping at the end of a chain, just as the ship falls away beneath her, and detonates in a fiery explosion.

Auriana is grasping the balloon, her wings outstretched trying to guide them, and says she sees a shiny mountain. Elo, resigned tells her to aim for it, and they crash land into and upper story of Mythrilmar.

They are quickly surrounded by Mythril Elven guards who aim spears at them. Darius, still flying, aims to make a get-away, but with a pretty piece of poetry one of the elves informs him if he tries it, he’ll be shot down, so he returns to the group. Elo calls for a sound off, and though battered and bruised, they all seem to have made it. Sadly however, the inquisitor has not – becoming impaled on a loose spar. Elo mutters it’s a damned shame – he may have been a cunt, but he was a professional cunt, and you have to respect that sort of thing, lawkeeper to lawkeeper. With everyone gathered and accounted for, Elo allows them to be arrested; She believes the elves to be civilised folk, and that everything will be sorted soon enough.

Indeed, it seems as though she is correct. They are taken to see one of three Lords of the Mountain – the Hunter, dressed in green. He listens to their tale, and half way through says they seem to be no attackers, but victims of circumstance. He orders food and drink brought for them, and they are seated. Elo takes a large draft of the drink placed in front of her, as she continued explain their situation to the Lord, but is instantly overcomes with a bout of tiredness. The Lord is sympathetic as she tries to explain it away as adrenalin leaving her system. Her sudden change in behaviour makes the others pause, however. Felix notices a dark elf stood in the shadows – his clothes made from spider silk, and patterned with a spider motif – at the same time as Darius casts Detect Poison on his drink, and cries out as he finds it is drugged. Elo asks them all to remain calm, as the Elven Lord says something about finding them someplace comfortable to rest, and she back-tracks as paranoia sets in. They are quickly surrounded by guards, as Elo is scooped up, and they are urged at spear-point to leave the hall and walk down a set of stairs. As they come halfway down, they see a large red portal, and hear another drow chanting about demons, and their sacrifice. Elo flails at her guard, and he tells her that he is truly sorry it has come to this, but it is about the survival of his race. She tells him to stick it and calls for Auriana, as the others ready themselves for a fight, even outmatched as they are thirty five to five…

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