Destiny’s New Servants, Part 55

Destiny’s New Servants, Part 55

First off, Zege heads to the Plot Hook to fill Orock in on his adventures in the Even plane and to show him the new healing wine he’s been gifted. He arrives at the pub to find it more crowded than usual, and there are two new fighters, exotics ones, that he has never seen before. One is a tiger-man, and the other a well-dressed ogre. Zege makes his way up to Orock’s booth in traditional monk style – by jumping very high – but fluffs the landing, braking a chair. He apologises by offering up the healing wine for Orock to try, but the old ogre doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word moderation, and downs the small keg he was given. A pint is placed in Zege’s hand and Orock fills him in on the two fighters: the tiger is a Raksha named Haq, and the orc is called Baku. Orock picked them up from a jain in Port Blacksands, and brought them here to train them. Just then, their squaring-up ends, and in the blink of an eye they beat the shit out of each other, with Haq emerging victorious, only by dint of his claws – each punch lacerating his opponent.

The fight over, and the two dragged away to be healed, Orock now turns properly to Zege, and tells the half-orc to come downstairs with him. Zege follows Orock down into a chilly cellar, where they start drinking some super-strong strangely herby beer. Eventually he succumbs to the drink, and feels himself falling away into some kind of dream.

He sees again the temples of Githzeri – the islands of law in an ocean of chaos – and swoops down, where he is met by orock, who leads him through the temple to an old master. The master tells Zege that he is to fight a man named Zanuke as a trial, and is led away to a proving area. It is a smallish room, with simple crash-mats on the floor, and his opponent waiting for him.

They proceed to fight to the death. It is a tough battle, but eventually Zege emerges victorious. He is given a red sash and told that he will be welcome in Githzeri again, should he find his physical way there. With that the dream/vision/existential visitation ends, and Zege finds himself back in the cellar of the Plot Hook with a wooly tongue and the red sash still around his waist.

Meanwhile, Merri has gone to the temple of Moradin. She hasn’t had much chance to breath recently, and feels she needs to reconnect with Moradin. As she comes into the temple, she sees some of her fellow clerics, sort of huddled together. She asks where the head priest is, and get’s given an odd look. One tells her that he’s down in the smithy, and that he’s a bit… upset, and maybe she wants to have a pint first maybe. She goes down anyway, and finds the head priest beating seven kinds of shit out of a piece of potential armour. She asks him what’s wrong and he says everything’s too quiet, does she nay sense it? Merri says she hasn’t been back long, and in that time hasn’t really had a moment to herself. She pauses and listens with more than her ears, and senses he is right. He’s annoyed and out of sorts with the idea that something is happening, but he’s not sure what – similar to how Elo’s Watch Captain mentioned a dip in crime, which would usually be a good thing, but feels like the lull before the storm. He does mention that some grain has gone missing from a supply the church was supposed to be getting. The crates arrived, he tells her, but some of them were just empty. Merri says she’ll look into it for him, and returns to the main part of the church for meditation.

More meanwhile, Elo has taken Darius to Alexis house. They enter, and Elo has some performance anxiety over disarming some of the traps. Eventually though, they are sorting through the old halflings meagre belongings, and discover that Darius can’t actually fully identify anything he can only tell Elo which items are magical or not. But they make do, and make a pile of things that need full identification or seem hinky in some way, and mundane items that they can either sell straight up or modify. They spend the rest of the day completely disabling traps and loading stuff onto the cart. They then take the mundane items back to Acacia ave for later appraisal, and the magical items to the wizards tower for identification and in some cases storage.

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