Destiny’s New Servants, Part 60

Destiny’s New Servants, Part 60

While the others have been running around with Gore Jesters, Enezege has been meditating in the pub, then wakes up and beats the shit out of a form-changed black dragon in the arena of Kord. He rejoins the others at the watch house as everything is kicking off with the re-death of the Gore Jester. As arguments are happening there is a loud noise from without, and an orc in plate armour strides into the center of the watch house’s main office. He announces that he is Ghulkari, a Paladin {of Pellor}, and he has news of Fangthane. He tells the assembled company that Darkhide is on the march towards the golden mountain, but he is weeks away from reaching it yet, and the dwarves are not yet under siege. He adds that he has been in conversation with Orock, and also strongly suggests that the group should visit the Hall of Hero’s, that the ogre and High Priest Starhammer told them about, that sits in the North.

At the mention of his knowing Starhammer, Merri seizes an opportunity, and asks if Ghulkari will speak to the high priest about not becoming a Slayer. The paladin agrees, and so – because they can’t do any more at the Watch house – they head off to the Temple of Moradin. The group listen to Starhammer and Ghulkari for a while, before Elo suggests that maybe they should leave the two of them talk and get some rest, as it’s been a long day.

The next morning, they head back to the Watch House to find Cobbleskater has managed to obtain a Search & Arrest warrant for Lord Bergerac. So the group, with Officers Cobbleskater, Breakwood, Broughton, Allmers and Hughes, head off to Bergerac’s home.

When they arrive Elo splits them into teams:
Elo, with Merri and Officer Breakwood, take the front.
Felix goes with Officer Broughton into the sewers.
Darius goes with Hughes to the kitchen entrance.
Enezege, with Officers Cobbleskater and Allmers, take the side service entrance.

Team 1 is admitted by the butler who takes them upstairs and into the parlour to speak with Bergerac. He is a despicable, decrepit old coot; the very epitome of the word ‘tosspot’. They converse for a while, then he essentially admits to his accused crimes, but before Elo can arrest him, he totters off, saying that soon they will have much worse things to worry about.

Meanwhile, in the sewers, Felix and Officer Broughton stumble upon a flesh golem. Neither of them feel very confident trying to take it on, so they scarper, with Broughton losing his nerve first and slipping into the filth. Felix manages to fish him out, and the pair of them leg it.

At the same time, Darius and Hughes are admitted to the kitchen where they spot a huge lizard eating a rat with a little collar – one of Cobbleskater’s they surmise. The pair have a rummage around, as they are supposed to be searching for evidence, but only come up with a pauper’s dinner.

At the side service entrance Zege, and Officers Cobbleskater and Allmers are admitted by a very twitchy chap. They have a rummage around the small vestibule and find some crates of pickled body parts. The twitchy bloke announces that they’re going to be in for it now they’ve discovered this and runs for a door while a flesh golem is released from elsewhere. Allmers takes Cobbleskater and they retreat while Zege squares up to the creature.

Back in the parlour, Elo sends Breakwood to Bergeac’s study to find their evidence, and arrest Bergerac while she and Merri take on the flesh golem that has entered from a side entrance.

Down in the side vestibule, Zege makes short work of the golem there. He liberates the twitchy chap from the closet he’s run into by accident and hurries upstairs to the parlour, and arrives as Felix and Broughton, reeking of shit, are telling Elo and Merri about the golem in the sewers. On hearing the commotion, Darius rushes up to join the gang with the cook in tow, while Irvine is found weeping about his rats by Officer Hughes and dragged into the parlour as well. In all this commotion, as Elo is counting people off, she cannot see Farren, so surmises he must still be in the study.

The nine of them hurry to the study to find Farren unharmed and trying to break the study door down. As Zege gets ready to grant them forced ingress, they overhear Bergerac saying he had done his part and was promised eternal life for his services. They hear a second voice announcing that he will only get death. Zege breaks the door down, and they find Bergerac with a giant sword protruding from his chest. The coppers do a quick search and find a small shrine to Eurithnal – complete with finger-bone charms and an Unholy Book. Farren hands Elo a slip of paper – a letter from Darkhide to Bergerac – detail the deal they made. Elo is very put-out at Bergerac getting himself killed before she can arrest him, and says as much:
“Let the record show that the suspect, Lord Bergerac, could not be apprehended on account of getting himself murdered, like the inconsiderate prick he is”

Elo sends the officers back to the station with their prisoners, and to arrange transport for Bergerac’s body, while the group set off downstairs, thinking to find an entrance to the sewers so they can take out the last of the flesh golems. Instead what they find is a cellar filled with alchemical apparatus, vats of glooping liquids and a couple of little ‘children’ who have been experimented on.

They talk to the boy and the girl who say they were taken and mutilated by bergerac and some others but they don’t know why. They seem harmless enough, and since the house is now empty, the group agree they can be allowed upstairs to wander around, with the strict warning not to leave the house. They rush off, keen to explore, and the group continue their examination of the cellar.

One of the vats they find seems to contain a normal looking human. They help him out of the vat and pass him a robe. When questioned, he admits that he use to be a necromancer who worked for the Cabal. He wasn’t anyone important, he says, but one day he was injured so the Cabal took his brain and placed it in the head of another person. They call him Bob (Because otherwise it gets difficult to tell ‘the Necormancer’s apart – Dru). Felix discovers a book showing a list of experiments, including the details of all the golems created. It seems that whoever has been doing the experiments has been trying to create a perfect flesh golem – one that looks and works as close to a normal human body as possible. In the meantime Elo tries to ping Necromancer Bob for evilness, but as he’s half golem, the magic slides right off. He also adds that he’s harmless now; he no longer has access to any of his magic abilities, and since they can find no way of confirming this, they have to accept it as true. Elo and Merri find this whole thing a bit unnerving, and so the group retreat up the stairs a way to discuss the matter. Elo isn’t happy about leaving any of the constructs or equipment here, especially not Necromancer Bob as she doesn’t trust him. The others think it will be okay. As they are having this conversation, Elo’s instincts turn out to be true, as they overhear Necromancer Bob waking another golem up and instructing it to kill them.

They devise a very quick, very rough plan, whereby they will allow it to come up the stairs, leure it under the massive chandelier in the hallway and then drop the crystal structure on top of it so it will pinned, and they can hack it at their leisure. Elo and Zege stand at the end of the hallway as bait, with Merri behind them, ready to heal, Darius flies up ready to cut the chandelier’s rope and Felix somehow ends up with Elo’s crossbow. However, things go sideways-ish, when the monster comes up the stairs, out into the hall, and Elo and Zege kill it together. Darrius is a bit put out, but it doesn’t last long, as while Merri is healing Zege up from a golem smash, they all hear the fast retreating footsteps of someone – most likely Necromancer Bob – running away.

Merri and Elo exit through the front door, running around the side of the building, Darius – still in flight – goes through the house with Felix at his heels, and Zege makes his own exit out the side of the building, through a window, just because he can. They chase around and through the building, and Darius sees Necromancer Bob leap over the fence… but keeps going up. It turns out, he lied and his magic was somehow retained. He flies on up, sending a Colour Spray out behind him, while Darius shoots with the crossbow. The others use their aerial combat as a guide and in a staggered line, leap the fence and follow. Felix takes pot-shots at Necromancer Bob as well, while Zege catches him up, with Merri and Elo trailing along behind. They are all in range to see then, when suddenly Necromancer Bob turns in the air and fires a bolt of green at Darius, instantly disintegrating him. Zege takes a running jump, grabs Necromancer Bob and gives him a violent re-introduction to the ground. There is no time to grab any of Darius’s particles, however, and the group all watch in dismay as the child sorcerer, and their friend, vanishes like so much dust on the wind.

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