Destiny’s New Servants, Part 62

Destiny’s New Servants, Part 62

The rest of the group wake, Elo having a rotten hangover, and on being informed by Mrs Higgins that Merri and Quentin have left, and where they’ve gone, Elo has the expected apoplexy. Breakfast is eaten and pies packed, the rest of the group head out to the Temple of Moradin, where Elo proceeds to shout at Merri for going off alone to face who knew what. Merri counters that Quentin was with her, but Elo isn’t swayed. At this point Merri also mentions there was a dragon down there, and ‘Zege asks if it was a black dragon, because he punched one out a few days ago. Elo has a small meltdown because of both these points, but is mollified by the offer of breakfast booze, and then Ghulkari shows up.

“Getting pissy with each other is what holds this group together” – ‘Zege’s commentary on Elo’s apoplexy.

“Little known fact: All paladins turn chaotic evil at 3am” – Elo’s retort.

The group set out in wagons for the north, with everyone in tow. It takes them roughly a fortnight to reach the frozen plateau, with a stop-over at Stonebridge, and the climb through the passes of the Icefinger Mountains.

There, on the frozen wastes, they find the door to the Hall of Heros. Before they set out, Felix expressed an interest in learning some the of skills that Elo has, and over the course of the journey, Elo has been teaching him what she can. As they have arrived at the gigantic door, she puts his learning to the test and asks him to pick out some details of the beautiful carving and moulding on the door, notably the inscription on the lintel:

“To where all good souls may go. Let them never be forgotten.”

She also suggests he has a go at finding the entrance trigger, and between the two of them, they find the way in. The door swings open, and they enter, while Ghulkari and the Kobolds wait outside with their transport.

The group enter the hallowed hall, and are greeted by the spirit of Stringwiskers, the unfortunate Nezumi bard who traveled with the adventures at the start of their career. He is as pleased to see Merri, Elo and Zege, as they are he, and he explains to the group that they must pass a series of tests if they want to obtain the weapons of ancient warriors. The first, which he leads them to is the Challenge of Righteousness.

In the center of a domed room, an Eldarin appears, who asks ‘who comes seeking to challenge?’ Felix pushes Elo forward and says ‘She does’, which Zege follows up with ‘And the rest of us’. The group prepare to fight. Elo, thinking she needs to lead the charge, rushes in and gets killed in two blows, Zege and Merri follow up, and between the rest of the group the Eldarin is beaten, with Merri dealing the fatal blow. Merri resurrects Elo.

“I know you don’t want to be a spell caster, but literally dying to avoid it is a bit extreme” – Merri’s commentary on Elo’s death.

The Eldarin vanishes, and in it’s place a plinth appears, bearing a staff. The plaque says it is the Staff of Life wielded by {a great priest}, and tells the story of how it was granted by the priest’s deity to heal a whole village of Plague. They decide this would best benefit Merri, who takes it, and they move on.

They walk up a long corridor to a small, oddly shaped room. In the mists of the room, a drow fighter and a human paladin are stood. The paladin is intent on killing the drow, as she was – he says – responsible for murdering a while village of people, mainly young and elderly. The drow says she had no choice – her very life depended on taking what the villagers had, and she was only acting for her and her family’s survival. The group try to talk the paladin down, with Felix being the drow’s most vocal supporter, but the paladin isn’t having any of it. Finally Felix gets annoyed and places a hold person on the paladin, as he attempts to murder the drow, intending to continue questioning the pair of them, but as he does so, they both vanish. In their place, again, appears another plinth. This time it holds a Rapier of Puncturing, and the plaque says it was wielded by one Sir Richard, a bard for the ages. It is agreed that Quentin should take this.

Seeing no exit from this room, the group back-track into the long corridor and see a new entrance has opened up halfway down. They go through into a long hall, filled with heroic statues, and the mists instantly swirl around them. When the mists clear they find they have been transported to a burning village on an outcropping of rock, overhanging an ocean. Behind them they hear a cry for help, and look back to see the face of a boy over the cliff edge, clinging on for his life. A battle cry sounds on, and they turns again to see, through the village, a mighty horde of nether creatures bearing down upon them. There is no escape, no surrender and they are caught between the sea and the strand. Elo wastes no time; she tells Zege to go get the boy while the others spread out to cover him. They might buy enough time for Zege to find a way down the cliff, but it turns out that is not necessary. Before the horde has even reached them, Zege has hauled the little boy to the relative safety of the cliff and the whole scene vanishes, leaving them back in the hall where there is another plinth waiting. This one proclaims itself to be the Staff of Defence, wielded by a simple farming hand, and tells the tale of how it was gifted to the farmer after a priest observed him defending his crops from marauding goblins. It’s ability is to shoot force shields, and thus it is gifted to Zege. He jokes about using the staff to keep Elo out of trouble.

They move off again, and at the end of this hall they find a statue that depicts Sir Elic Mornbringer himself. Felix says he shall check for traps, and Elo takes a step back to allow him, whilst running her own eye over it for abnormalities. Fortunately before Felix can set it off, she notices a pressure plate, and pulls him back in time, pointing it out to him. While they are discussing the statue, she notices a switch inside a stone rose near the base. She pushes it, and a section of the floor falls away to reveal stairs leading down. They follow the stairs down into a well cut chamber and find Sir Elic’s tomb.

The spirit of Sir Elic coalesces in front of them, and they greet him with respect. The spirit asks who will take up his sword, and looks over the assembled company. His eye settles on Quentin, but the ranger is dubious. However, after some cajoling, he decides to trust the spirt’s judgment, and takes the blade from atop Sir Elic’s dessicated remains. Satisfied, the spirit of Sir Elic dissipates and the group back-track to the surface where Ghulkari and the kobolds wait with dinner.

As they settle down to eat, however, the white dragon they saw circling earlier, comes to land. The young dragon introduces herself as {}, and says since they have entered her territory, she will demand a tithe. Elo, Merri, Felix and Quinten offer up some odd bits and pieces of shiny, and Ghulkari flushes as the dragon says he’s been by enough times to not need a tithe this time. She adds that his clutch will soon be ready, drawing some raised eyebrows from the others. Finally she looks to ‘Zege, who says ‘Well, there are some options…” and lists some trinkets. She, however, willfully misinterprets his phrasing and says she will take him instead. The others are concerned, but she assures them she will bring him back to them at the dawn, mostly unharmed. She then scoops up their trinkets, and ‘Zege and flies off. They shrug, knowing there is little they can do, and anyway, he’s pretty good at looking after himself, and go back to dinner

>Meanwhile, Zege finds out exactly what the dragoness meant by ‘she’d have‘ him. They spend the night engaged in rapturous carnality, and mortify the other players in the meantime.

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