Destiny’s New Servants, Part 63

Destiny’s New Servants, Part 63

The group wake to the sounds of fighting, crying, and smell the distinctive smell of burning pitch and white-wash. They look around and see a hamlet on an outcropping below is on fire. Just outside the flames a group of Gore Jests and their priest are holding captive some villagers.

The Priest wears a mask, much like that of Olidammara – one half a grinning lunatic, the other the twisted form of a demon. He stands there, his arms raised and beseeches of whatever unholy deity he worships to take note of the screams of his ‘bounty’, and hopes that their wailing and their blood will please his master.

The group hurry down to the flaming village and take on the Jesters.

Quentin casts Entangle, causing some of the Jesters feet to be entwined with vines, and Felix to take one of them out. Unfortunately before more of them can be killed, the Jesters break free and kill the villagers, completing some ritual their priest was doing, and summoning a Retriever demon. This severely injures Quentin and Felix, so the pair of them use Dimension Door and teleport away to a point on the ridge where they can safely snipe the Gore Jesters, while Elo and Merri take on the Retriever.

Eventually, all the bad guys are slain, as unfortunately so too are most of the villagers. Only one woman has survived, and is extremely traumatized. The group trudge back up to their camp. Ghulkari is woken and placed on watch while everyone else rests. At around that point too, Enezeg is dropped off by Friginia, and looks very pleased with himself.

Elo, being too highly strung has a chat with Ghulkari. The elder paladin asks what she thinks the summoning might mean. Unfortunately she doesn’t know, so he patiently explains that it means there has to be a next of evil close by which they need to clean out.

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