About me

About me

So, this is me

I’m currently 26, and living on the south coast of Great Britain. I was married to Darkliquid on 6th September 2008.

I’m a liberalpro-choice feminist who also believes in the Free/ Libre Open Source Software movement and saving the planet.

I currently work as a supervisor for Millets, though I’ve worked many other jobs including as a Lollipop Lady, and hardware manufacture/ repair.

I have many, many interests. I don’t really follow a set religion but my views are heavily influenced by Eastern philosophies and some of the core values in Christianity. I try also to abide by the Desiderata.

I mainly like espionage, SF and fantasy films, with my current all-time favourites being Mystery Men and Serenity. I like a wide range of music, but my favourite artists are listed below [by Last.fm]:

I have asthma and a huge number of food intolerances that I ignore most of the time [it’s easier to live with the side effects than try and eliminate them].

The name DruidX is a shortened version of ‘Druid to the Children of the X’. I got the title while at guide camp one year. We were all very obsessed with ‘The X Files’ and while sat around the fire one night, we decided we would become the ‘Children of the X’ [as y’do…] I own a very large poncho style camp blanket that, in the flickering firelight, looks like a robe. At the time, I also had a very long stick I’d picked up some place which we had decorated. So I looked very Druidic, and for the rest of the camp was known as the Druid of the X. When we got home, I inscribed it on the back of said camp blanket so I would never forget. Years later when I finally got on to the internet and had no idea what to call myself, the name came out again, and so I have been DruidX ever since.

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