Alexis Dalliance Vs The Evil Of Titian

Alexis Dalliance Vs The Evil Of Titian

For nearly nine years, on and off, I played as the feisty woodling rouge from the Darkwood Forest. In that time I’ve amassed a great deal of posts, and musings and story around that game, so I thought it was about time to collate it all together and in the correct order, as much as possible.

Alexis’s ‘character sheet’
Alexis’s Backstory
The First Adventure
The Second Adventure (Much info missing)
A Fragment of Time
Death on the Rise/ The Dissipation of Kaldonar
The End Game

And now a new hero, Elowen of Toreguard, has taken over. May she, and the new Servant’s of Destiny, long carry on the good work of keeping Allansia safe and Titan whole.

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